Aeropostale vs Uniqlo

Aeropostale vs Uniqlo Fashion Brands

Aeropostale and Uniqlo are two fast fashion brands. While Aeropostale targets a younger audience with trendy, budget friendly fashion, Uniqlo is known for its high quality, minimalist clothing designed for people of all ages. 

Want to know more about these brands? Then this article is for you.

About Aeropostale vs Uniqlo

Uniqlo is also a casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer. Ever since Uniqlo’s humble beginnings in 1984, Uniqlo has continued to be innovative and sustainable by using innovative and long lasting materials to make good quality products at affordable prices which differs it from other stores.


Aeropostale, on the other hand, is an American shopping mall based retailer. It is a popular brand of fashion industry attractive designs at affordable prices.


Over 350 Aeropostale stores are operated Internationally. It has its headquarters in New York They cater to mostly young adults and teens which Is why their designs are in trends with the Gen z style.

Which Is Better? Aeropostale vs Uniqlo

Product categories

Aeropostale is an American casual clothing and accessories brand. Their target clients are young women and men. Brand markets a great and vibrant color collection of latest apparels like jeans, shirts, tee shirts and many more.

Just like Aeropostale, Uniqlo also caters the male and female gender but in addition they have a kids and baby category.

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Considering the quality, style and comfort of clothing from Uniqlo, the price is very affordable. Fast fashion brands are typically affordable, but may not be of high quality. Uniqlo is not at all an expensive brand. They have prices ranging $5-$80. 

Aeropostale prices might not be favorable for everyone but still very much affordable. Prices range from $10-$80

Products quality

Aeropostale is well known for its high quality fabrics that retain their shape even after you wear them different times. So if you’re going for quality go Aeropostale. 

Uniqlo Is mostly known for providing good quality clothing at affordable prices but sometimes you get the value of the cheap prices you pay. 


Aeropostale offers a standard delivery option which takes 2-7 days with an average cost of EGP34 – EGP70 depending on your location while expedited shipping takes 4-8 days.

Uniqlo also offers both standard and express delivery. Standard delivery takes 7 days to ship and costs $7.99. Uniqlo does not ship internationally.

Pros and Cons of Aeropostale vs Uniqlo

Aeropostale Pros:

  • Trendy styles
  • Offers student discount 
  • Variety of Sizes
  • Good quality clothing 


  • Sizing inconsistencies 
  • Environmental and ethical concerns 
  • Limited variety of clothing options.

Uniqlo Pros:

  • Good quality products 
  • Pocket friendly prices
  • Global brand presence 


  • Limited product variety 
  • Delivery charges are sometimes high
  • Sustainability concerns


One thing that separates Uniqlo from other fast fashion brands is they have different styles than other stores. Generally, most fast fashion brands have very simple clothing, but that is not the case for Uniqlo. But with how much they try to be different, Uniqlo still has limited trendy designs. 

Aeropostale is by far more up to date with designs and gives you styles that keep your closet current as well. Though Aeropostale clothing is not priced as cheaply as Uniqlo, I would still consider the clothing to be appropriately priced for the designer qualities offered.

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