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Top 10 Affordable AI Tools for Graphic and UI Designers in 2023

Many freelancers and remote workers now rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do their work. Interestingly, these tools are not only resourceful to content creators and writers, as there are several AI tools for graphic and UI designers to simplify their work. That means you can become one without possessing all the required skills and knowledge, and would be able to optimize your design process.

While most AI tools for graphic and UI designers cost up to $50 monthly, we’ll recommend affordable options. With these options, you won’t compromise on quality and speed.

Examples of How Designers Are Using AI Tools

As a graphic or User Interface designer, you can use AI to facilitate your work processes in the following ways:

  • Create prototypes and mockups for products, apps, and websites
  • Generate images and illustrations
  • Write texts quickly, like blog posts and product descriptions
  • Translate languages (Over 100 language preferences)
  • Design logos and branding, with access to pre-made design templates and components

What Are the Top 10 AI Tools for Graphic and UI Designers?

Below are the most affordable AI tools for graphic and UI designers like you to use with little or no skills:

1. Midjourney


MidJourney is an AI app available for download on Android and iOS devices. Whether you’re inexperienced or a professional artist, you can use this AI to create stunning artwork in a couple of clicks.

The cheapest monthly subscription to MidJourney costs $10.

2. Khroma


Khroma is an AI color tool for designers. This tool allows you to design with colors using Artificial Intelligence to identify your preferred colors and create infinite palettes.

You can access Khroma via its website or download its desktop software.

3. Pixso

Pixso Ai tools for graphic and UI designers

Pixso is also your one-stop User Interface/Experience design tool. It is one of the best UI/UX collaboration tools powered by AI. You can use it to develop great products design as a team.

With Pixso, you can complete a landing page in just 10 mins. Over 3,000 built-in components are available for use. It supports various file formats, allowing you to import files in .svg, .xd, .pix, .zip, .fig, and .sketch formats without switching to a different tool.

You can try Pixso for free. After exhausting the free trial, you’ll have to subscribe monthly for at least $8.

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4. Let’s Enhance

Let's Enhance Ai tools for graphic and UI designers

As one of the most affordable AI tools for graphic and UI designers, Let’s Enhance can generate AI images from text. It’s also an image enhancer and upscaler, enabling your photos look their best in a single click.

Moreover, Let’s Enhance can fix pixelation and blur in images. You will get up to 10 free credits upon signing up. After exhausting your free credits, you’ll have to buy credits to process pictures each month. 100 credits cost $9 a month.

5. Vance AI

VanceAI is among the cheapest AI tools for graphic and UI designers like you. For as low as $4.95, you can buy 100 credits on the AI photo enhancement and editing tool. The AI charges one credit per image edit.

Vance AI Ai tools for graphic and UI designers

Vance AI can perform several functions, such as image enhancer, old photo restoration, image sharpener, background removal, image enlarger, etc.

It can also upscale images to 4K resolution instantly without losing quality.

The AI tool is accessible online or offline by downloading the free software.

6. Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei Ai tools for graphic and UI designers

Adobe Sensei is not only Artificial Intelligence-powered to create unique ads but also uses machine learning to do this effortlessly. Whether you’re a graphic or UI designer, there’s a lot you can do with Adobe Sensei.

Its AI art generators allow you to produce creative building blocks, which help to create impressive artwork. You’ll get the best price for Adobe Sensei without breaking the bank.

7. Deep Art Effect

Deep Art Effects Ai tools for graphic and UI designers

Deep Art Effects has mobile and desktop apps available for free download on various devices. You can use it to create fantastic artwork on your phone, tablet, or PC. It allows you to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to edit images innovatively.

Moreover, Deep Art Effects can imitate the most sophisticated cameras and scale images up to four times their original size without losing quality. It can also automatically cut out backgrounds and optimize images.

You can use the free trial to test the abilities of Deep Art Effects on your Android phone/tablet, iOS device, Windows, Linux, or Mac.

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8. Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo

If your clients are majorly interior designers, you can use Foyr Neo to complete your projects quickly and earn more. Foyr Neo is one of the best AI tools for graphic and UI designers.

It offers a free trial for 14 days, and after that, you’ll have to pay a fixed fee to access Foyr Neo. The fee starts at $44 per month.

Foyr Neo requires no download and will not demand you to input your credit/debit cards to get started on a free trial.

9. Looka Logo Maker

Looka Logo Maker

With a few clicks, you can use Looka Logo Maker to create a free logo to sell to your clients. Looka is AI-powered, combining your design preferences to create crisp, high-resolution logos in less than five minutes.

Using Looka Logo Maker to create a custom logo takes only a few steps. Besides, you can save your logo in JPG and PNG formats.

Aside from logos, Looka can help you to design professional business cards and social media templates. Despite being free, its support team can help you get started.

10. Uizard

Uizard is one of the free to use Ai tools for graphic and UI designers. However, it has some paid options for advanced features, which cost at least $12 monthly. You can access all templates for this amount and use Uizard to design stunning wireframes in minutes.

Uizard Ai tools for graphic and UI designers

Uizard is widely known as the world’s most handy design and ideation tool powered by AI. Workers and teams at many world-leading companies depend on Uizard to create limitless and effortless designs. These include IBM, Tesla, Google, Greenpeace, Pinterest, Atlassian, Adidas, and Samsung.

Final Thoughts!

Using these AI tools will save you a lot of money as a graphic or UI/UX designer. If you can spare $10 monthly, then you should go for Midjourney, as it’s a better option to create stunning artwork on a mobile device or computer.

Hence, you’ll no longer have to spend so much to buy a high-end computer or to set up a powerful workstation. Besides, your photo editing and enhancements will be quicker, meaning that you can accept more jobs and turn around quickly.

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