Amazon vs Jumia

Amazon vs Jumia – Which Is Better?

In recent times, online shopping has become a popular trend that cuts across different parts of the world. Amazon and Jumia are popular e-commerce platforms that offer online sales of various items, such as clothing, electronics, home improvement tools, beauty products, and more. Both are successful brands to reckon with.

While Amazon delivers orders worldwide, Jumia is Africa-centric and mainly serves Nigeria. In this article, we will compare Amazon and Jumia side-by-side.

Overview of Amazon vs Jumia

Amazon was established as a book marketplace on July 5, 1994. Over the years, Amazon has not only become a marketplace for a plethora of products/items but also delved into digital streaming and cloud computing. It has been a giant stride from the inception of Amazon in Jeff Bezos’s garage at Bellevue in Washington to becoming one of the world’s largest financial and cultural forces.

Amazon product categories

Jumia was founded in 2012 in Nigeria by Sacha Poignonnec & Jeremy Hodara, formerly McKinsey consultants, alongside Raphael Kofi Afaedor and Tunde Kehinde. Subsequently, its operations expanded to other African countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt, and Ivory Coast. Jumia also offers payment and logistics services.

Jumia product categories

Amazon and Jumia have mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. These apps make online shopping easy, as you can shop from the comfort of your home.

Which Is Better – Amazon or Jumia?

In this section, we’ll compare Amazon and Jumia based on the following criteria:

Product categories

There is hardly any product not available on Amazon, including books, fashionable items, jewelry, beauty products, home & improvement tools, toys & games, computers, and car items. You can also stream movies and music on Amazon, but you will have to subscribe to a paid plan. Similarly, Amazon Cloud Drive is only accessible if you’re a subscriber.

Jumia, on the other hand, offers products of different categories, such as clothing for all ages, home & electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, mobile phones, garden tools, and more.

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No matter what you order from Amazon, you can always be sure of getting only quality products. Its anti-counterfeiting policy oversees the sale of products and prevents the sales of sub-standard items on its platform. Hence, only genuine products are available on Amazon.

Jumia also offers high-quality products, but there are a few cases when sellers try to sell fake or defective items. So you may have to check the items in your order carefully.

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Amazon ships products internationally, which means you can buy any item on its website and receive its delivery anywhere. On the contrary, Jumia can help you procure selected items from sellers within your country and China. They will then ship the items to you within your country of residence.

Jumia only ships on business days between 7 am to 5:30 pm, with shipping fees varying depending on your location.

Amazon also offers various shipping options, which include:

Order with Free Shipping: This option typically takes 5 to 8 days for delivery. You will get unlimited free shipping for two days when you add a minimum threshold of eligible products to your cart.

Domestic Expedited Shipping: This option allows you to receive your orders at addresses within your country. Delivery takes place from Sunday to Friday, while Saturday is for specific locations only with a $5 surcharge.

Extended Free Shipping: To qualify for this shipping option, you must have placed an order up to a specified threshold. The order must contain eligible products shippable only by Amazon. Then choose Free Shipping while checking out.

Release Date Delivery: If you live in the US, you can opt for Release Date Delivery for specific pre-order products. This shipping can only be free when you choose the Two Day Shipping option during checkout.


Jumia and Amazon are reputable online marketplaces for various quality and durable items. However, Amazon is a better option, as you can order products from sellers worldwide at lesser prices.

But if you live in Africa, you can go to Jumia to receive your order quickly.

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