ASOS vs New Look

ASOS vs New Look – Explore The Differences

ASOS and New Look are two popular fashion retailers. Both brands are majorly known for the sale of clothes. However, there are other products common to both brands, which includes footwear, accessories, and beauty products.

Both ASOS and New Look are British-based fast fashion brands. They cater to women, men, and teenagers with more emphasis on female. Read on to discover their differences.

About ASOS vs New Look

ASOS is a British online fashion retailer founded by Nick Robertson, Quentin Griffiths, and two others in 2000. Its headquarters is situated in London, U.K. ASOS specializes in the sale of unisex clothing, beauty, and cosmetics products. Also, it partners with several other brands plus its label, which enables it to produce a variety of unique products.

ASOS fashion items

New Look is also a British global fashion retailer with its headquarters in Weymouth, UK. It was founded by Tom Singh in 1969. Since its inception, the brand has grown from being a single fashion retailer to a leading fast fashion retailer. New Look deals with clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and teenagers.

New Look items

While ASOS is an online-only brand, New Look has both online and in-store platforms.

ASOS vs New Look Which Is Better?

As much as both brands have a few things in common, read on to know the differences between them.

Product categories 

ASOS sells a wide variety of products grouped into different categories for easy shopping. Its clothing comes in different sizes as well, so no matter your size, there’s something for you on ASOS.

There’s a section for men’s and women’s clothes where you can get products such as Tops, jackets, blouses, chinos, leggings, and more.

New Look also has different product categories for men and women. Some of its products include skirts, shoes, jackets, swimwear, activewear, and dresses. trousers and bags. You can shop under your desired category and pick a product of your choice.

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Asos offers affordable prices although it’s more expensive than New Look’s product, the quality is worth it.

New Look’s products are quite cheap. They are even more affordable for students because the brand offers students discounts. You can buy a cloth for as low as £20 on New Look.

Products quality

ASOS is well known for its high-quality and environmentally friendly products. However, ASOS has other brands like Adidas and Nike under it. So, quality may differ depending on the brand but generally, ASOS products are good.

New Look’s products are also not bad, it also sells quality products but ASOS has a better quality.

Shipping and returns

ASOS offers shipping and delivery services to over 196 countries. Its shipping options are Standard, Express, and Next-day shipping.  ASOS offers you free shipping if your order is above £50.

Standard shipping costs £4.50 and delivery takes about 7 business days. Express shipping takes about 5 days and next-day shipping costs £5.95.

ASOS allows you to return items for free within 28 days of purchase. You will get a refund 14 days after you make the return. However, the item must be intact and with a receipt before you can get a refund.

Like ASOS, New Look also offers shipping and delivery services to several countries. They also have Standard, Express, and Next-day delivery options. However, delivery options depend on the location you are shipping to.

For instance, UK standard shipping takes 3-5 days at £2.99 and free delivery for orders above £45. Express delivery takes 2 days, it costs £3.99 and it is free if your order is worth £100 and above. Finally, Next-day delivery costs £5.99.

New Look also allows you to return faulty orders within 28 days for both in-store and online purchases. But, return is not free on this platform, it costs £1.99. Also, in-store purchases must be returned with a payment receipt and online purchases must be returned with a dispatch note.

Pros and Cons of ASOS vs. New Look  

Both ASOS and New Look have their advantages and disadvantages.

ASOS is an online-only platform, it has no physical store where you can shop in person whereas New Look has physical stores in many countries.

With ASOS, you can return any item for free but return is not free on New Look.

ASOS also has an extensive and wider range of products in different styles and sizes than New Look But delivery is easier and faster with New Look.


ASOS and New Look are good brands you can shop with. Even though ASOS is more expensive, it offers high-quality items and a wide variety of products. However, ASOS has a limited presence but with New Look, you have the option of shopping online or in-store.

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