Asos vs Shein- Which Store Has Better Clothing?

Asos vs Shein- Which Store Has Better Clothing?

After clothing and shelter, clothing is one of life’s necessities. People have always paid attention to their looks and clothing is a big part of that. For example, people buy cardigans to protect themselves from the cold, but they are more inclined to buy them if they are from a top designer or made from quality materials.

So, it’s not just about being warm that’s motivating people to buy cardigans, the quality and class are also significant factors.

Both Asos and Shein provide affordable and trendy clothing, accessories, and beauty items to their customers. Here’s a shake-down for quality, reach, and affordability between Asos and Shein.

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What’s Asos?

Asos is an online fashion house with a globally inclusive vision to be a hub for top fashion for everyone. They launched in 2000 as a fashion brand for young adults, later in 2004, ASOS launched its women’s clothing label.

Fast forward to 2013, Asos has several product lines cutting across men’s and women’s fashion, including accessories, and beauty products. As of today, they’ve partnered with over 850 brands to ship fashion items to 196 countries.

What’s Shein?

Price plays a huge role in where people shop and that’s Shein maximizes this. Shein was reported to be the most talked about brand on social media in 2020. The topic of the conversation was how you can get high-quality dresses and other clothing items for less than $20.

This is just one of the things that distinguish Shein from other stores; the prices can go as high as $100, but you can always get amazing fashion items at affordable prices.

Shein’s global vision is to make beauty and fashion products accessible to people globally through online retail.

Asos vs Shein- Clothing Categories

Both brands have a wide range of items classified into men’s and women’s clothing, then streamlined to specific clothing items. This will help simplify your search by narrowing it down to specifics.

Asos’s clothing category lists men and women as the main clothing categories but has other sub-categories such as Sale, New in, Clothing, Tailoring, Shoes, Activewear,  Accessories, Students, Topman, FaceBody, BrandsOutlet, and Marketplace.

Shein on the other hand carries the men, women, plus size, kids, home, and beauty. Like Asos, Shein also has other subcategories like Activewear, Shein X Designers, and more.

Does Asos and Shein Sell Quality Clothing?

People will always be looking for quality in fashion items. That’s why people check clothing descriptions for materials used and pay attention to the texture of clothing items.

Keep in mind that Shein is not a clothing brand; it is a retail fashion store that sells affordable wear from various clothing manufacturers. Asos, on the other hand, is a clothing brand and a retail store for over 850 other brands.

While both stores offer a wide range of products, the fact that Asos deals directly with over 850 brands allows them to offer more clothing brand options, giving customers access to a broad range of high-quality fashion items.

Asos vs Shein- Shipping

Of course, you can access both platforms and browse through their products but they don’t ship to all countries.

Asos is recognized as one of the most accessible brands/stores in the world, and they have accomplished this feat thanks to shipping items to over 196 countries. So, if you see and like something on Asos, there’s a high probability, they ship to your country.

Shein is also regarded as one of the most accessible brands; in 2020, Shein shipped to more than 200 countries, providing far more reach than has ever been recorded on the Asos platform.

While Shein has a record high of 200, they maintain a benchmark of about 150 countries, while Asos has a benchmark of 196 countries.

Is Shein Cheaper Than Asos?

People are drawn to brands that offer discounts, promotions, and general giveaways, according to research. People tend to buy from brands that they believe help them save money.

Asos is a brand founded to provide young adults with customized designs worn by celebrities on TV. This doesn’t seem like a budget-friendly goal, but Asos has managed to beat the budget game.

For something to be considered ‘cheap’, it means it serves a similar purpose to what a counterpart could offer and still beats the price. What made Shein go viral on social media in 2020 was not only its low prices but also the quality it offers.

Shein offers jeans for as low as $20, dinner dresses for less than $50, activewear for under $20, and even cheaper beauty products.

Of course, some items will be cheaper on Asos than on Shein, and quality also plays a significant role in the value you’re getting. But Shein’s products are generally less expensive than those of Asos.


Does Asos or Shein Ship to My Location?

To find out if Asos or Shein ships to your country, simply check their website for that information. but Asos ships to more countries than Shein in general.

Is Asos Cheaper Than Shein

Shein is seen as an online store that is easy on your pocket, but both stores have a similar price range

The Bottom Line: Asos or Shein?

The battle for which brand is superior can not be outrightly decided, as both brands have unique strengths and weaknesses. While Shein is cheaper, Asos has more options in brands hence quality.

While Asos has a higher benchmark of 196 nations compared to 150 of Shein, Shein tends to supersede its benchmark by over 50 countries, as seen in 2020.

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