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Best 10 AI Accounting Software – 2023

Are you an accountant or just looking for a better way to handle your finances with little or no accounting knowledge? Then you should try out one of these best AI accounting software.

What are the Top 10 AI Accounting Software?

1. Vic.AI

Vic AI is an artificial intelligence-powered account software that offers independent tab processing and PO matching. It automates and streamlines Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes with repetitious and homemade tasks to increase effectiveness and delicacy for businesses. 

How Does Work? learns from the data imitating work performed by your team, and therefore, it gets trained automatically, thereby making opinions from millions of stored checks and furnishing independent tab processing and blessings. 

Vic AI helps to streamline the payment process for checks and other payment requests. It helps you organize your platoon and operations to track spending! 


  • Very user friendly 
  • Support Information 
  • offers support daily, primarily through in-app chat on the platform. You can also reach the support team via email at
  • Customer Service
  • Saves Time


  • Unable to automatically send out notifications
  • Reporting issues

2. Docyt


Docyt is a bookkeeping software that automates tedious bookkeeping tasks, empowers management with real-time financial insights, and offers multi-entity accounting solutions.

It provides a multi-functional tool that automates spending operation and profit shadowing, AI-powered categorization and conciliation, and real-time fiscal reports. Docyt principally advances firm fiscal planning and bookkeeping.

How Docyt Works

Docyt laboriously collects data. It also continuously updates your financials with deals generated from these workflows. As a result, your P&L and balance distance are streamlined in real-time. 

That means that you have over-to-date data when you need to make important opinions for your business 


  • Gives accurate reports about your business
  • Excellent customer service 
  • It makes data migration very easy and timely.


  • Loss of data sometimes that would have to be reuploaded
  • A little pricey
  • Experience minor bugs at early use.

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3. Indy


Indy is an AI-based app designed for freelance professionals, businesses, and entrepreneurs. It is among the best AI accounting software. Indy addresses time-consuming account tasks up to 20 times faster than traditional software. Plus, it offers these services at no cost per month and includes access to a technical, responsive, and approachable labor force.


  • Free and online business creation

    It handles time-consuming account tasks up to 20 times faster than traditional software.

4. True Wind

True Wind

Truewind is a fiscal and counting tool driven by AI designed to make executive finance simpler and more effective. It acts as a tool that simplifies and makes the fiscal operation of your company more effective. 


  • Transparency and accuracy
  • Opportunity to make faster business opinions
  • Availability of finance experts to support you
  • Very user-friendly

5. Cratoflow


Cratoflow is an account automation platform that uses AI technologies to resolve all your account pain points. It provides a simple, effective, and accurate way for businesses to manage their finances. It starts at $99.00 per month. 

Cratoflow automates billing, tracks earnings, and streamlines collection processes. Customers can settle their bills with a single click through integrated payment providers. Users interested in present-day performance can profit from several reports containing deals, and charges,

Some of its features include easy invoicing, smarter reconciliation, faster payments, seamless integration with third-party financial systems, automated data capturing, tax reporting, vendor and customer portals, and more.

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6. is also one of the best AI accounting software. It helps to manage your fiscal operations. From day-to-day bookkeeping and fundraising support to timely investor reporting, Zeni helps to keep your business compliant.


  • Automatic bookkeeping
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Taxes are filed seamlessly.


  • Less guidance is given to service drivers 
  • More on the precio side.

7. Bill

Bill AI

Bill is a cloud-based platform for automating accounts receivable and outstanding processes, serving businesses and account enterprises. Additionally, it provides Divvy, a credit and expenditure operation software. Streamline AR/ AP tasks efficiently with Bill!

Bill basically functions as an intelligent way to create and pay bills, send invoices, and get paid. It can automate bill payments and approvals using smart workflows and rules. 

8. Gridlex


Gridlex is a growing software establishment whose purpose is to increase the world’s productivity through technology. It was established in 2011, and it costs$ 10 per month. Gridlex is an all-in-one app suite designed for educational institutions, architecture firms, counting enterprises, hospitals, NGOs, etc., to manage their executive tasks. 

The software features are reporting, dashboard, predictive modeling, fiscal data analytics, and others. 

Why You Should Use Gridlex?

  • Offers a free version and a free trial

    Provides accurate and timely revenue forecasting and reporting

  • Handles complex and dynamic subscription models and billing cycles.

9. Blue Dot

Blue Dot

Blue Dot is an AI-powered tax automation software that helps you optimize your tax compliance and savings. It analyses your financial data and transactions to identify tax opportunities and risks.

Blue Dot’s AI tax compliance platform helps you truly understand employee transactions while empowering finance teams with effortless, smart automation for peace of mind and audit readiness.

10. AccountsIQ


AccountsIQ is an AI-powered account software that automates account processes. The software uses machine learning algorithms to assay fiscal data and give perceptivity to businesses. 

It offers intuitive tools to automate connections, manage budgets, audit, digital VAT returns, and cash inflow. It’s suitable for small to medium-sized businesses in all diligence and is designed specifically to suit business environments where multiple entities need access to a common platform. 

Why You Should Use AccountsIQ?

  • Helps to make informed opinions and ameliorate their financial performance.

  • No worries about system crashes or backups.

  • No further time pause between the customer and their accountant.


Incorporating AI into your daily operations is a fantastic way to revamp your account practices. Not only will it streamline your work, but also make your establishment a forward-thinking, innovative player in the industry.

After all, effectiveness and invention in account aren’t just buzzwords, but the keys to success in today’s digital age.

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