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Best 10 AI Marketing Tools To Use in 2023

Nearly every industry, including marketing, is being revolutionized by Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. In this article, we’ll recommend the best AI Marketing tools to use as a digital marketer. With these tools, you can streamline and automate how you create email campaigns, compose engaging posts for social media, and even generate text and articles.

Here are the top 10 AIs that aids digital marketing:

1. Semrush


With Semrush, you can carry out content marketing campaigns, SEO research, social media marketing, analytics, and more. You can get started at no cost, as it offers ten free searches daily.

2. HubSpot


HubSpot is among the best AI marketing tools, with its inbound marketing software. It leverages AI technology to draw potential consumers, converts leads, as well as close transactions.

3. ChatFuel


With the aid of an innovative bot like ChatFuel, you can automate Facebook Messenger discussions. It’s an hands-free method of directing potential customers from your ads to chat with a bot that responds to their inquiries and guides them toward a purchase.

4. MarketMuse


As one of the best AI marketing tools, MarketMuse is a fantastic choice for your company. It can handle all marketing solutions and help you optimize long-form content, including landing pages, emails, articles, and sales copies.

 5. SurferSEO


SurferSEO also gives you the resources needed to succeed in online marketing. With features like keyword research and competitor analysis, SurferSEO can help you make well-informed decisions about your marketing campaigns. The tool is affordable, flexible, and user-friendly, making it accessible, regardless of your business size. With a free trial period, you can test its abilities before subscribing, ensuring you invest wisely in your marketing efforts.

6. Emplifi is a social media management platform powered by AI. It helps you to track, examine, and interact with your audience on various social media platforms. You may choose it to ease your marketing efforts on social media.

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7. Chatbot AI

Chatbot AI

Chatbot AI can also help you provide customer support or lead generation. It saves time by automating recurring tasks like providing product recommendations and answering the same questions.

8. Anyword AI

Anyword AI

As a digital marketer, you can use Anyword AI to engage your audience, boost performance, and achieve your marketing goals. It’s a generative AI copywriting platform that can predict the performance of your marketing copy before testing it. It also offers suggestions so that it can perform better.

9. BrightEdge


BrightEdge is an SEO system that converts online information into measurable business outcomes like organic traffic and engagement. It allows you to drive traffic, conversions, and revenue from your marketing channels.

10. Jasper

Jasper AI

You can also use Jasper AI to generate texts for your business proposals and other related stuff. It can finish an article of 1,500 words in about 15 minutes.


AI marketing tools have quickly become integral to marketing and other core business functions. They are indispensable for their ability to process and analyze a chunk of customer data, generate insights, and automate mundane.

With this listing, you’ll discover countless ways to leverage AI tools for digital marketing. So choose based on your business needs and goals.

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