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Best AI for Coding, Website, and Software Development 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helpful with various tasks, even writing code for programs and building websites. If you’re a web or software developer, you may need an AI coding assistant to turn around client jobs in minutes so that you can be more productive. Supposing that you need the services of a developer, these tools can let you code by yourself without possessing the required knowledge and skills. You will also save time and money. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best AI for coding.

How Website and Software Developers Use AI To Code?

AI tools are resourceful to web and software developers in various ways, including to;

  • generate code faster and more safely for websites and apps
  • get suggestions and auto-complete code in real time
  • integrate with code editors such as Visual Studio Code, Atom, and Bluefish
  • detect bugs, errors, and security issues with your code
  • comment code for easy reference

Top 10 AI Tools for Coding

Here are some of the best AI for coding you can use without prior experience:

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT Homepage

ChatGPT does only write articles and blog posts but also programming codes. It writes code in minutes, and guess what! ChatGPT can generate code for any website. Although coding is not its main function, it can make it hassle-free and quick. ChatGPT makes use of Large Language Models (LLMs) to generate new code, as well as analyze code snippets.

To write a code on ChatGPT, type your request, asking it to generate a code with your “preferred programming language.” The AI will then create a code snippet that corresponds with your description. Afterward, copy and paste the code to your project.

2. Mutable AI

Mutable AI homepage

Mutable is an AI-accelerated software development tool more innovative than most AI tools for coding. It helps to write high-quality codes effortlessly. This AI tool makes use of SSL encryption to transmit your codes.

Besides, you can use it to generate unit tests with AI and metaprogramming automatically. With its free Individual Plan, you can use this AI tool and pay later. The plan offers Manual/Automatic Suggestions, Multifile code gen, and AI-based Code Search.

Its premium plans include Basic, Codebase Pro, and Enterprise Plan. These plans cost at least $10 per month.

3. Codeium


You can level up your coding for free with Codeium. Thousands of web developers rely on this free AI toolkit to build websites faster. Even if you’re not a website developer, you can create websites with little or no experience using Codeium. You also don’t need technical skills to use Codeium.

Codeium offers top-notch code completion and search using AI. With its AI-powered chatbot, you can generate boilerplate, refactor code, explain code, suggest bug fixes, and add documentation.

4. CodeWhisperer


Amazon CodeWhisperer is a code generator powered by machine learning. It can recommend codes automatically based on your existing code and input. Your recommendations can be a single-line comment or a fully formed function.

CodeWhisperer can also scan your code to identify security issues. While CodeWhisperer is accessible free of charge as an individual developer, you’ll have to subscribe monthly to use the AI tool commercially. Its Individual Tier lets Artificial Intelligence handle your code suggestions, security scans, and reference tracking.

You can improve your productivity by generating multiple code suggestions in real-time using this AI tool.

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5. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot

With GitHub Copilot as your AI pair programmer, you can get code suggestions right from your editor. It runs on OpenAI Codex and is trained on many lines of code.

Although GitHub Copilot offers a free trial if you sign up now, you must subscribe to one of its plans to retain access. Copilot for Individuals plan costs $10 per month or $100 per year. When you subscribe to this plan, you will speed up test generation. You can also filter out common vulnerable coding patterns.

6. Tabnine


If you’re looking for a more accurate and powerful AI assistant for software development, Tabnine is a better option. It’s helpful with code completion and is used by developers worldwide. Tabnine handles short code completions exclusively based on permissive open-source licensed code.

We recommend this AI-powered tool to enhance your productivity and amplify coding accuracy. You don’t have to make any advance payment to get started and will still have access to community support.

7. Replit


You can code faster with Replit AI. In fact, it generates codes more efficiently than ChatGPT. As one of the best AI for coding, Replit allows you to develop software collaboratively without any setup. It comprises a powerful IDE, interpreter, and compiler.

Replit can run code live in your browser, no matter your device, provided you have a fast internet connection. It supports more than 50 languages.

8. aiXcoder


aiXcoder makes programming fun and enables you to develop websites more efficiently. It’s an intelligent software development tool powered by AI. With this tool, you can access method-level code generation. aiXcoder uses AI to forecast and suggest your next line of code.

To use aiXcoder, you only have to describe the function you want it to perform.

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9. Sourcegraph’s Cody

Sourcegraph Cody

Cody is also recommendable as one of the best AI for coding. Whether you’re a developer or not, you can make Cody your AI-powered code assistant. The AI is accessible from the Sourcegraph sidebar or your code editor.

It uses Large Language Models (LLMs) and Sourcegraph’s code graph to write programming code.

Here are a few of its features:

  • A code chatbot that matches your project’s coding conventions and architecture
  • Autocomplete feature that enables you to predict context-based code automatically as you type
  • Fix code inline, allowing you to make interactive edits and refactor code
  • Pre-built recipes that help you to streamlines the process of web development

10. Durable AI

Durable AI

With Durable AI, you can write code to build a website within 30 seconds using artificial intelligence. It offers everything you need to get your website running, including a custom domain name, hosting, analytics, and search engine optimization.

Durable also automatically adds professional images and icons to improve your website’s looks. Besides, it features an AI-powered website editor that customizes your site with multiple pages, scheduling, testimonials, and built-in components.

Final Thought!

Each of the AI mentioned above tools is unique in its own way. But if you would like us to recommend one, Cody is the best AI coding assistant due to its accuracy and top-notch capabilities. Above all, it is free, and you can use it in various ways.

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