Boohoo vs Uniqlo

Boohoo vs Uniqlo – Buyer’s Guide and Review 2023

There is hardly any top-notch fashion items that you can’t find on Boohoo and Uniqlo. These are two popular online retailers offering fashionable items for babies, kids, men, and women. Both online marketplaces offer incredible discounts and promos. However, choose where to shop between these two e-commerce platforms can be challenging.

In light of this, we will compare Bohoo and Uniqlo based on specific criteria such as their pricing, product variety, quality, shipping, and return policy. 

About Boohoo vs Uniqlo

Boohoo is an online retailer that focuses on making fashionable clothing. It was established in 2006 by Carol Kane and Mahmud Kamani in the popular textile district of Manchester City, United Kingdom. And it remains its headquarters to date. Interestingly, Bohoo is a parent company to NastyGal and PrettyLittleThings. It also partners with renowned brands, including Dorothy Perkins, Oasis, Karen Millen, and others.

Boohoo categories of products

Uniqlo is a popular online marketplace in Japan and a subsidiary of Fast-Retailing Co.Ltd ( a multinational company). It was founded in 1984 and has expanded beyond the shores of Japan to other countries of the world.

Uniqlo products

Boohoo vs Uniqlo – Which Is Better?

Product Categories

Boohoo offers sales of clothing for babies, kids, men, and women in various sizes, colors, and designs. Its target audience is between the ages of 16 to 30.

Similarly,  Uniqlo offers the sale of clothing for all males and females of all ages. Its products are available in different variations of ages, sizes, and styles. It also sells beauty products and accessories.


Both online shopping platforms offer moderate prices and awesome discounts that you can’t refuse.

Here are a few discounts that Boohoo is currently offering:

  •  A whopping 75% discount off its big summer clearance
  • 10% off any item when you subscribe to Boohoo Premier
  • 25% off MissPap products
  • 30% off menswear

Note that these discounts are subject to change as steered by the operators of Boohoo.

Uniqlo products are quite expensive than Boohoo’s. It offers a 10 USD of  75USD discount to its new users who download the Uniqlo app. It also offers discounts and promos on its platform from time to time.

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Products Quality

Boohoo and Uniqlo sell quality items at inexpensive prices. Uniqlo does not produce its designs, but outsources them to factories in China that make clothing from quality fabrics. So, any product coming from Uniqlo is certain to be of good quality. 

Boohoo, on the other hand, purchases up to 80% of its clothing from manufacturers in Leicester, which can also be said to be of good quality. 

Shipping and Returns

The shipping options on Boohoo are:

  • Standard Shipping – Within the U.S., you will be charged 9.99 USD, while the delivery takes place between 5 to 8 working days
  • Express Shipping – Within the US, you will be charged 14.99 USD, while delivery can take up to 3 working days
  • Click & Collect – This shipping option takes up to 3 working days with a fee of 13 USD

The shipping cost to other countries depends on the location of the buyers, therefore there is always a difference in their prices.

The return policy on Boohoo is 28 days from the day of purchase. The following items cannot be returned unless their seal has not yet been removed:

  • Jewelry
  • Beauty products and accessories
  • Swimwear and underwear

Uniqlo offers the following options on its platform:

  • Ship to store – offers free delivery when you choose this option
  • Order to pick – offers free delivery if you use this option
  • Ship to FedEx pick-up location – The shipping fee is based on the buyer’s location.

You can also get free delivery on Uniqlo if you order items above 99 USD – excluding tax, shipping, and other costs. In addition, the Ship to Store option is not always available as it can be abled and disabled at any time. The delivery on Uniqlo takes up to 7 working days.

The return policy on Uniqlo is between 30 to 60 days from the day of purchase.

Customer Service 

Uniqlo has great customer service that will promptly attend to you as specified on its website.

On the other hand, Boohoo’s customer service is not as great as Uniqlos’.

Pros and Cons of Boohoo vs Uniqlo

Boohoo Pros

  • Variety of products
  • Affordable products
  • Allows refunds and returns
  • Offers incredible discounts and promos
  • Has a plethora of payment methods
  • More high-quality items


  • Does not offer free shipping
  • Not-so-good customer service 

Uniqlo Pros

  • Excellent fabric innovation
  • Quality and moderately priced products
  • Has a variety of payment options
  • Excellent customer service 


  • Pricey than Boohoo


Boohoo and Uniqlo are great choices if you want to buy quality and affordable fashion products. However, they vary in various areas ranging from pricing to customer service. Boohoo items are cheaper than Uniqlo’s, but in terms of returns and customer service, Uniqlo is a better option.

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