Buffer vs Hootsuite

Buffer vs Hootsuite: Which Tool is Best for Business?

What a win-win situation when social media is a driving force for your business, and you can save time and effort by using social media scheduling tools!

Buffer and Hootsuite are highly recommended social media scheduling tools. There is a high probability that digital marketers have heard of them and how they are highly beneficial. Wanting to know what tools to use or is best for you will require a Buffer vs Hootsuite comparison face-off.

There will be a brief introduction of these tools before further going into comparisons.

About Buffer

Buffer webpage

Buffer is a software application available on mobile and the web that helps you manage your social media accounts by organizing, scheduling, and publishing your content on social media. It also enables you to evaluate their results and participate in their community. 

About Hootsuite

Hootsuite webpage

This social media management application is broader as it spans almost every responsibility of a social media manager. You can assign tasks, supervise team members, select content, and schedule posts.

Buffer Vs Hootsuite Comparison

Now that the definitions are clarified, Buffer vs Hootsuite comparisons will be further discussed. We’d be taking these on themes such as features, analytics, the method of scheduling and publishing, number of social media accounts they can manage, Teamwork, and Security. Read through. 

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Both platforms have a number of very useful features. However, Hootsuite seems a bit more expanded in this part than Buffer.

Major Buffer’s features include:

  • Analytics
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Automated Publishing
  • Content Management
  • Post Scheduling

While Hootsuite features include:

  • Contact Management
  • Analytics
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Keyword Filtering
  • Automated Publishing
  • Content Management
  • Post Scheduling
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Customer Targeting


Buffer has a free plan where you can connect 3 social channels. It has other paid plans listed below:

  • Pro plan – $15/month
  • Premium plan – $65/month
  • Business plan – $99/month

All the plans also have a free trial.

Hootsuite does not have a free plan. Here are all paid plans for the platform below:

  • Professional plan – $19/month
  • Team plan – $99/month
  • Business plan – $599/month

All Hootsuite plans have a 30-day free trial period for users.


For Buffer, the tool presents analytics on the content you posted alone. Hootsuite goes further to do analytics for your social networks, such as your content, your social networks’ performance, and your traffic, amongst others.

A Buffer premium plan or higher gives detailed analysis while using Buffer, unlike the free and pro plans that are rudimentary. For Hootsuite, it will provide you with analytics of all your social content once as far as you have added all your social media accounts. Once you upgrade to a team plan on Hootsuite, you will be able to get custom analytics that draws out from more than 200 metrics.

Method of Scheduling and Publishing

Both Buffer and Hootsuite offers scheduling and publishing, and there are not many differences. Here are a few talking points.

  • They both help post content with automation, schedule contents, shorten URL, and share links from any website you want their feeds characteristics.
  • When you post content, Buffer does not give you the room to respond to such content on social media, while you can do such to any content with Hootsuite. 
  • Buffer excels well in its automation flexibility than Hootsuite. Its high flexibility makes it possible for other automation tools to connect to it. 
  • The paid plans on Buffer offers a lot of flexibility while you create posting schedules. There is the assurance of your post being in the right place without stressing yourself of dates and time because of its feature that allows you to put up a publishing schedule. 

Number of Social Media Accounts

Your social media strategy will likely not need you to be on all the social media platforms simultaneously.

However, Hootsuite offers more social media accounts. Buffers support platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter, while Hootsuite supports platforms such as Vimeo, Reddit, Flickr, VK, Foursquare, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, WordPress, and others.

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Teamwork and Security

As Teamwork and Security are essential, especially for software applications, Hootsuite and Buffer have also put a lot in place to cater for this, such as sharing access, collaborating and team permissions, and platform security.

Hootsuite adds an extra sauce for sharing access as it supports SSO (Single sign-on), which is more on big corporations as it prevents access to people who have left the company. However, Buffer does the two-factor verification to make sure that the Security of your account is vital.

Which tool is the best for business?

With the points explained in the Buffer vs Hootsuite comparison, picking the best tools in a scenario where what you want can be offered by the tools may need you to look at some things.

It means you may need to look at your requirements, personal preferences, and what exactly will be the best for your company.

However, you can make a stand while making Buffer vs Hootsuite comparison that Hootsuite is perfect for social media management while Buffer is best for scheduling and publishing content.

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