Busha- Simplest Platform to Buy and Sell Crypto with Naira

Busha- Simplest Platform to Buy and Sell Crypto with Naira

We all want to grow our portfolio, but we like to do it on credible and secure platforms. Every crypto trader is on the lookout for a reliable and safe trading platform. Busha is an exchange platform that allows you to buy and sell your crypto for free.

It is a safe and user-friendly trading platform that allows you to easily swap and trade cryptocurrency. So, if you want hassle-free trading, Busha is the platform for you.

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What’s Busha? 

Busha is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows you to trade and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. You can buy coins and tokens like bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others with Naira.

Your transactions on Busha are fast and secure, the platform is also very beginner friendly.

Why Do I Need a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like Busha?

It offers a user-intuitive, reliable, and secure platform. Your transactions are also fee-free; the offer is really hard to beat.

A major problem most crypto trading platforms have is transparency and credibility, this has led to government policy on crypto trading. This is not the case with Busha; it’s registered with the SEC and uses high-level encryption to keep your money safe.

How to Use Busha to Buy and  Sell Cryptocurrency

Here’s how to create a Busha account-

1. Visit Busha’s website, then click “download

2. Next, Enter your email address.

3. Next, fill in your name and choose a username.

4. Finally, create your password and click “create an account.”

How to Buy Cryptocurrency with Busha

Now you have an account. Here is how to buy cryptocurrency on the platform:

– Complete your KYC- verify your email and phone number. Add your address and government-issued ID

– Once your KYC is approved, you can deposit fiat (Naira) into your wallet, here’s how-

  • Click on “Naira wallet
  • Next, select ‘Add cash
  • Click on Connect
  • input the amount you want to deposit
  • Next, select a verified merchant of your choice
  • Select an account you want to pay from (the account must be in your name)
  •  Next, click “confirm” 
  • Finally, pay into the merchant’s account
  • Once the merchant verifies your payment, your Naira wallet will be credited.    
  • After that, select the coin you want to buy and click ‘Buy‘.
  • Next, enter the amount you want to buy.
  • Finally, confirm your order.

How to Sell:

  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to sell.
  • Next,  enter the amount you want to sell.
  • Finally, click “confirm order“.


Is Busha Legit?

Yes, the platform is legit. It’s registered with the SEC to ensure your money is safe. It’s also backed by impressive partners such as Jump Capital, Cadenza Ventures, BlockWall Capital, and more.

Is My Money Safe With Busha?

Busha is built with high-level encryption to protect your money. There have also been no reports of fraudulent activity on the platform.


Busha is a reliable and trustworthy crypto exchange and trading platform for Nigerians. You can use it to buy, sell, and save your crypto.

Another upside to using Busha is that you don’t have to worry about how to sell your coins and token; you can sell directly to the platform.

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