Can’t Pay Your Rent in Full? Pay with Monthly

Can’t Pay Your Rent in Full? Pay with Monthly

Why do we pay rent yearly when our salaries are paid monthly? Monthly helps Nigerians finance their rent by offering rent loans of up to N5 million naira.

It allows you to pay your rent in monthly installments, rather than as a massive chunk at the end of the year.

What’s Monthly?

Most Nigerians pay yearly rent rather than monthly rent, which can be difficult given that most Nigerians earn monthly. The Monthly platform relieves you of the stress of having to pay your rent all at once; it provides you with a  rent loan and allows you to repay monthly.

Also, you don’t need collateral, long processing time, or pay huge interest on the loans. All you have to do is sign up Monthly, complete your profile and apply for the loan.

It takes about 24 hours or less to get approved for a rent loan.

How to Take a Rent Loan With a Monthly

1. Download the Monthly app from Play Store or App Store.

2. Next, open the app and choose  Sign up. rent loans homepage

3. Next, create your account by filling in your basic profile details (name, phone number, email, etc)

Creating an account with Monthly for rent loans

4. After creating your password, log in with your username and password.

5. Next, click on loans, and get a quote through the loan calculator.

6. Finally complete your profile and KYC.


What Are the Best Monthly Alternatives?

You can also finance your rent with Kwaba. It allows you to take rent loans and you repay in monthly installments.

Will Monthly Pay the Rent to Me or My Landlord?

Monthly pays your rent directly to your landlord or agent

How Much Interest Does Monthly Charge on Rent Loans?

Monthly charges you a fixed monthly interest rate based on your loan amount and how long you want to pay back. Monthly is very transparent with their interest rate, you’ll see your interest while applying for the rent.


You can say goodbye to the yearly pressure of paying your rent as a lump sum, with Monthly. It gives you access to easy and flexible rent loans.

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