Cider vs Temu – Which Is A Better Fast Fashion Brand?

Cider and Temu are two fast fashion brands catering to various fashion needs. Both brands offer uniquely designed clothing and accessories at surprisingly affordable prices. If you’re wondering what makes Cider different from Temu, here are your informational needs.

About Cider vs Temu

Cider is a Chinese fast fashion company offering trendy and elegant fashionable items exclusively for females. It has warehouses in China and the US where it ships its products from.

Cider Fashion

Temu, on the other hand, is a US-based online marketplace where you can get fashion, household, health care, and beauty products.

Temu product categories

Cider and Temu are both web-based with no physical stores. They get their products directly from manufacturers in China.

Cider vs Temu Which Is Better?

Product categories

Cider’s products are only for females. Their product categories include tops, dresses, bottom wear, outerwear,  matching sets, jumpsuits, and accessories.

Products available for sale on Temu include electronics, fashion, and beauty products.

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Both Cider and Temu products are affordable. In contrast, Temu sells quite cheaper than Cider. You can buy products on Temu for as low as $3. Temu products are less expensive because it procures them directly from suppliers.

Cider also manages to sell products at cheap prices by producing on a small scale based on demand. Thereby saving cost and not having to produce excess items.

Products quality

Cider has more high-quality products than Temu. Temu’s product quality isn’t too bad either but Cider’s quality is way better.

Shipping and returns

Cider ships its products globally, and you have two options. One of them is the standard shipping method, which costs $4.99. It’s free for orders worth $39 and above. Standard shipping takes 6 to 9 business days.

The other option is express shipping, which takes 4 to 6 business days at $15 per order.

Cider offers free returns for every item. However, subsequent return of a particular order more than once attracts a fee. Also, you have 14 days from the day you received the order to make a  return.

Like Cider, Temu also offers standard and express shipping options. Its standard shipping takes 7 to 15 days while express shipping option is expedited at $12. Free shipping is available for orders above $129.

You can also return items at no shipping cost to Temu. Besides, you have 90 days from the purchase date to return unwanted products, provided they are unused.

Customer service

Cider has a way faster and better customer service system than Temu. You can email them and get a response within a day.

Temu also has good customer care service. You can contact them through email and online chat. To access the online chat options, visit Temu’s website and click on the “message icon”.

Pros and Cons of Cider vs Temu

One of the advantages Cider has over Temu is allowing international shipping and dropshipping. Contrarily, Temu only ships to the US and Canada addresses.

Temu also allows exchange of items you return, whereas Cider doesn’t.

Furthermore, Cider has better packaging, unlike Temu, whose poor packaging can make you receive your orders damaged or broken.

Temu has a longer return window than Cider. With cider, you only have 14 days to make a return, whereas with Temu, you have up to 90 days.

In addition, Cider only has female fashion products compared to Temu, which sells male, female, and even children’s clothing.


Temu and Cider are both innovative fashion brands with trendy and unique styles. They are outstanding for their diverse shopping options. While Cider ships globally, Temu items are cheaper. Cider is also gender-based, unlike Temu.

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