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eBay vs Amazon – Where To Shop From

eBay and Amazon are reputable e-commerce platforms that are high ranking among the best in the world. Amazon has 21 marketplaces, while eBay has 23 global sites. Hence, both marketplaces rake in billions of dollars as revenue a year due to the wide-ranging products listed on their websites by different vendors.

Noting this fact, you might experience challenges choosing between these two popular online marketplaces. So to make your decision wiser and easier, we will compare and contrast eBay and Amazon based on several factors. Ensure you read to the end!

Overview eBay vs Amazon

eBay is an American-owned international online marketplace established in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. It is headquartered in San Jose, California. Today, eBay operates in over 30 countries across the globe. Surprisingly, it started as a marketplace for second-hand items.


On the other hand, Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. It was initially a marketplace for books, CDs, computer software, and videos. But now, Amazon has delved into sales of various products, ranging from clothing and books to household items. There is hardly any product you can’t find on its A-Z listings.

Amazon also facilitates cloud computing and digital streaming for users on its platform.

Which is better, eBay vs Amazon?

In this section, we will compare eBay and Amazon based on the following:

Product categories

There are several product categories listed for sale on eBay. Examples include video games, home & garden tools, laptops, electronics (TV, video, and audio), tablets, eReaders, memory drives, printers, etc. eBay also sells fashion items for all ages, beauty products, and more.

Similarly, Amazon lists a wide range of products, such as books, fashion items, home & improvement, computers, toys & games, and more.

You will also find movies and audio to stream on Amazon.


Products listed on eBay are cheaper than you can ever find similar items on Amazon. That means you’ll save more bucks buying from eBay, regardless of the products you want to order online.


Some years back, eBay was reported to host a few scammers on its site, which made it smeared for selling counterfeit products. However, it’s a thing of the past, as eBay has a policy to encourage selling only genuine items.

Amazon, on the other hand, has an anti-counterfeiting policy that regulates the sale of products and prevents sub-standard products from being sold on its platform. If Amazon puts an item to the specified test and fails, the seller’s account might be suspended.

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Shipping – eBay vs Amazon

eBay offers different shipping options, which include;

  • Local Delivery option – allows you and the vendor to agree on a location to meet for the sale.
  • Shipping Service option – eBay uses integrated shipping carriers to deliver orders worldwide. However, the shipping fee varies from location to location.

There are also various shipping options available on Amazon, and they are:

Amazon shipping options
  • Order with Free Shipping – By adding a minimum threshold of Eligible products in your carts on Amazon, you will get unlimited Free two days of shipping. This shipping option usually takes 5 to 8 days for delivery.
  • Domestic Expedited Shipping – This shipping option is express delivery to domestic addresses. Delivery takes place from Sunday to Friday. However, delivery on Saturday is for only precise locations with an added fee of $5.
  • Extended Free Shipping – To qualify for this shipping option, you must have placed an order worth a specified threshold of items that can only be shipped by Amazon. Next, choose Free Shipping during the checkout process.
  • Release Date Delivery – This shipping option is available if you live in the US. It offers free shipping when you choose the Two Day Shipping during checkout. Note that the shipping fee for this option varies, and it relies solely on the products.


Amazon and eBay are internationally recognized marketplaces that sell affordable, quality, and long-lasting products. But when you have to choose one of these two e-commerce platforms, you should go for Amazon, as its items are cheaper.

However, you’d likely get the same quality on eBay and Amazon due to their anti-counterfeiting policy.

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