Ferragamo vs Gucci

Ferragamo vs Gucci – Which Is A Better Italian Brand?

If you are a lover of iconic or luxury fashion products, Ferragamo and Gucci are your go-to brands. They are Italian brands renowned for premier leather items. This article compares these two brands to enable you choose wisely.

About Ferragamo vs Gucci


Ferragamo was founded by Salvatore Ferragamo in 1927 in the beautiful city of Florence. Salvatore played a major role in the history of Italy’s fashion and has been consistent with using great quality leather materials for its brand. 

 Immediately after he began his brand, he designed luxurious footwear for top celebrities, actors, and actresses such as Eva Peron, Marilynn Monroe, and others.

In 1960, a few months after Salvatore died, Wanda Ferragamo ( Salvatore’s wife) grew the brand by including ready-made handbags, clothes, and scarves. And till date, it has continued to remain as a family business with Leonardo Ferragamo as the CEO. It’s first ever creative director from 2022 till date is Maximilian Davis.



Guccio Gucci founded the Gucci brand in 1921 in Florence, Italy. It started as a leather luggage brand but when Gucci’s son became the CEO of the brand.  He began to convert leather luggage into handbag,  and other luxury items. 

Gucci became renowned among Hollywood celebs and European royalties in the 50’s and 60’s. Its fame died down in the 70’s due to the Gucci family rivalry. However, things turned for the better when Tom Ford became its creative director in 1994. In the 90’s Ford’s designs became a hot cake in the fashion world, that Gucci made a lot of money from sales of their products. 

In 2004, the sales dropped because Ford resigned from Gucci to start up his own brand. In 2015, Michele Alessandro became Gucci’s creative director till date. Michele is responsible for all the sleek Gucci designs, we see on the market today.


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Which Is better? Ferragamo vs Gucci

Product Categories

Ferragamo and Gucci have similar product categories that they sell; they are:

  • Shoes – loafers, silhouette, and others
  • Bags – shoulder bags, totte bags, top-handle bags, and more
  • Ready- to- wear dresses

However, Gucci has more ready-to-wear dresses than Ferragamo so you are likely to find a wider variety on Gucci than on Ferragamo.

Brand reputation 

Ferragamo has less celebrities representing their brands because it exudes a less quieter and branding but luxurious on all its products. 

While Gucci has more celebrities representing its brand. This is due to its flashy colors, embellishments,  designs, fine prints, branding and logos, on all its products.


Ferragamo prices are slightly higher than Guccis’. In other words, despite the fact that Gucci products are expensive, they are slightly affordable than Ferragamo.

Product Quality

Both brands are made from top quality materials. However, Gucci tends to have a superior quality owing to its use of denim, leather, exotic skins (python, lizard, crocodile, anaconda), fabric jacquard, and   canvas.

Ferragamo uses calfskin to complete its finishing such as laminated, hammered, and brushed calfskin. It also makes use of exotic materials such as eel, crocodile, and ostrich. Other materials include raffia, suede, and exotic fabric.


Ferragamo and Gucci ships only within the Continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii.  And they are prompt to deliver your order on time. 

Pros and Cons of Ferragamo vs Gucci

Ferragamo Pros:

  • Great quality products
  • Gives you a quiet but classy look


  • Slightly pricey than Gucci
  • Less ready-to-wear clothes
  • Ships only to the US, Alaska, and Hawaii

Gucci Pros:

  • Wide range of ready-to-wear clothes
  • Slightly affordable than Ferragamo
  • Quality products with various designs and fine prints


  • Expensive pricing compared to other brands
  • Ships only to the US, Alaska, and Hawaii 


Ferragamo and Gucci are fashion icons that delivers only top notch products to their customers. If you are searching for a quieter but luxurious apparel, you should go for Ferragamo.

But if what you are looking for is an apparel to show your elegance and luxurious taste, then you should opt for Gucci.

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