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How to Find Your MailChimp API Key (A Quick Guide)

API keys are very important to digital marketers, especially when there’s a need to integrate one tool into another. They give a certain unique identifier that associates usage information with a particular project. It’s why an API key on MailChimp is an important feature to have.

In this post, we’ll be taking you through the step-by-step process of getting your API key on MailChimp. If you’re not all that familiar with the platform, it can prove quite hard to locate. Plus, MailChimp recently created a new dashboard which means it might be quite harder to find your way around.

Follow the steps in this guide to find or create your API keys on email marketing tool, MailChimp.

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Locate Your API Key on MailChimp

  • Login to your MailChimp dashboard
  • Click on your profile photo located at the bottom left corner of the dashboard and click on Account from the options that show up.
find mailchimp api key
  • Next, click on the Extras dropdown that shows up.
find mailchimp api key
  • Select API keys
  • You’d see a list of the API keys you created for different purposes. If you haven’t created any, there’s an option to create one right away.

Create an API Key on MailChimp

To create an API key, follow the steps below.

  • After going through the steps in the previous list, click on the Create API Key button that shows up.
  • It creates an API key that you can now use for whatever purpose.
  • You can also set a label for your key.

Is MailChimp API Free to Use?

MailChimp API can be free to use, however, this totally depends on your number of subscribers and the number of emails you send per month.

See the table below for the exact price range:

0 – 200012,000FREE
0 – 500Unlimited$10
501 – 1000Unlimited$15
1001 – 1500Unlimited$20
1501 – 2000Unlimited$25

And I guess that’s about all there is to know about MailChimp API key. You should use the comments section if there’s anything else you’d like to know. Happy to help.

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