Freelancer? Get Paid in USD, EUR, and GBP with GeegPay

Freelancer? Get Paid in USD, EUR, and GBP with GeegPay

The world is shifting to remote culture, and platforms like Geegpay provide the opportunity for African freelancers to enjoy it. Geegpay allows you to accept payments from anywhere in the world using foreign bank accounts.

You can also convert these payments into your preferred local currency at a low cost and with great exchange rates.

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What Can I Do With Geegpay

  • Create Foreign Bank Accounts (USD, GBP, and EUR)

You can open a USD, GBP, or EUR account with Geegpay. These accounts enable you to get paid from anywhere in the world for both one-time and recurring payments such as salaries.

  • Automate employer billing

Geegpay also allows you to create daily and monthly invoices to notify your employer of upcoming payments. It saves you the trouble of manually reminding your employer of your pay.

  • Virtual and Physical debit cards for global spending

Geegpay allows you to create both virtual and physical cards. You can use these cards for global transactions such as subscriptions, shopping, and more.

  • Helps Build Your Credit Score

Your credit score increases when you spend and make transactions with your cards.

How to Create a Foreign Bank Account With Geegpay

Here is how to open a Geegpay account

1. Visit Geegpay and click “Create an account”.

2. Select freelancer, choose your country, and continue

3. Next, enter and verify your email. You’ll be automatically redirected to your dashboard.

4. After that, click on settings and fill in your profile details.

Source: Geegpay

5. Next,  complete your KYC verification by uploading the required ID. Geegpay’s KYC verification takes about 24-48 hours.

6. Once your profile has been approved, request the foreign bank account of your choice.


Geegpay enables you to receive payment globally and swap at low fees as an African freelancer. It also allows you to spend, and shop globally.

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