Google Docs Vs Microsoft Word: Make the Best Choice

Google Docs Vs Microsoft Word: Make the Best Choice

The importance of word processors in this age cannot be overemphasized. Reports, resumes, work documents, assignments, articles e.t.c, can never be right without word processors.

Microsoft Word, a word processor, is a go-to tool that has gained a lot of
popularity. However, the advent of Google Docs has shown real good competition for Microsoft Word. Making the Google Docs vs Microsoft Word comparison will make you more aware and intuitive on what word processor to use per time.

Further reading of this article will point this out to you as comparisons on availability and pricing, features, collaborations, offline access, cloud
and synchronizing, and file format will be the discussions’ subjects.

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Google Docs Vs Microsoft Word Comparison

Availability and Pricing

Google Docs can be used for free as long as you have a Google account. However, if you want an upgrade such that you use Google Docs for business, you will need to pay $6 per month for a business starter; the business standard goes for $12 monthly, while the business plus is
available for $18 per month.

Google docs vs microsoft word

On the other hand, Microsoft Word comes with the Microsoft Office suite or the latest version, Office 365. Getting Office 365 goes for $99.99 yearly, while Microsoft Office suite goes for a one-time purchase of $249.99 for Office Home & Business 2019, $439.99 for Office
Professional 2019, and $149.99 for Office Home & Student 2019. A standalone Word application alone goes for a $139.99 one-time purchase.

In the case of availability in Google Docs vs Microsoft Word comparison, they are available on all major platforms such as iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux.


Google Docs comprise nearly all of Microsoft Word features. However, Microsoft Word has advanced features, which makes it have improved page numbering, improved table formatting, more control over text styles, etc.

With add-ons and third-party extensions on chrome, this can also help in accomplishing some of the features. Background colors, page borders, and watermarks are not part of Microsoft Word’s popular features, but they can prove to be quite useful.

Google docs vs microsoft word


Collaboration is mutual for both Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Using Microsoft Word for collaboration will require you to have Microsoft 365.

Google Docs is advanced in collaborations, though, as you can you have the ability to control who edits, comments, or view your documents.

Offline Access

Microsoft Word was built primarily to function as an offline word processor. The reverse is the case for Google Docs. However, with Google Docs offline chrome extension, it is possible to
use offline functionality. Microsoft Word edges over Google Docs in this aspect anyways.

Cloud and Synchronizing

You can get to use cloud storage for both Microsoft Word and Google Docs. For Microsoft Word, you will need to be an Office 365 subscriber.

Using Microsoft office will require you to set up OneDrive backup to save your documents there. Google Docs do not need all that as it saves to the cloud automatically. Editing and revision of all the changes you made in the word document are possible with Google Docs.

File Format

Word processing formats like Word, PDF, and rich text are compatible with Microsoft Word and docs. Google Docs does it better when you want your document as a webpage or save it in other formats like ODT, RTF, and EPUB. Microsoft Word, however, imports files more quickly and excels at exhibiting intricate file designs.

Making a choice

In trying to choose after reviewing the Google Docs vs Microsoft Word comparisons, it is essential you highlight attributes that are most needed for the success of your project.

If you are creating simple documents and live collaboration is vital for you, Google Docs is the best bet. Intending to go for long documents, complex layouts, or people you are collaborating with are more comfortable with Microsoft Word; then it is best to go Microsoft Word.

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