Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor: What’s the Best Grammar Checker?

Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor: What’s the Best Grammar Checker?

No matter how meticulous you are as a writer, your writing will almost certainly require a few tweaks here and there. You need a grammar editor whether you’re writing a school essay, blog article, or a book; Grammarly and Microsoft Editor are two of the best options for editing your writing. 

These grammar editing tools are useful not only for detecting spelling errors but also for checking your grammar and refining your sentences. 

In this article, we’ll compare the pros and cons of Microsoft Editor vs Grammarly and determine which is best for you.

Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor: Flexibility

When you hear Microsoft Editor, you might think it’s only for Microsoft products, but that’s not the case. The Microsoft Editor is available as a Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Safari extension.

You can edit your writing in Microsoft Word using the Microsoft Editor add-on. It’s also available as an Outlook add-on to ensure you write Grammarly correct and professional emails.

Grammarly, on the other hand, is accessible from virtually any device. It’s available as a browser extension, a Microsoft Word add-on, a desktop app, a web version, and even a mobile keyboard that autocorrects you on your Android or iOS device.

Microsoft Editor vs Grammarly: Features

Both Microsoft Editor and Grammarly are extremely good and smart at detecting incorrect spelling and grammar, but their approaches differ slightly.

Microsoft editor detects errors and restructures your sentences with grammatical issues. It readjusts your sentences and phrases to make them grammatically correct while also correcting your spelling errors.

One of the most amazing things about Microsoft editor is that its available in over twenty languages, which means it has a wide target audience. The English version is available in two versions: American and British. 

Some words are slightly different, for example, if you’re American you would spell ‘organization’ but British English spells it as ‘organisation.’

Grammarly Comes With More Features

Grammarly is more than just a sentence editor and spell checker; it is also a grammar and writing style guide. Grammarly is appropriate for you if you write professionally or personally.

Grammarly Plans

It has four categories to help you guide your writing style; it tailors your writing to appeal to your target audience. These categories include your target audience, writing tone (brand voice), professionalism, and the purpose of your writing.

The great thing about Grammarly is that it will not burden you with all of these; instead, it will simply ask you for your audience, such as personal, educational, or business. If you prefer a more personalized touch, you can also customize your settings.

It will automatically tune your writing into four sections based on the category you choose: correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. Grammarly also includes a plagiarism detector, which displays the originality of your text as a percentage.

Grammarly, like Microsoft Editor, has multiple versions of English. It includes Australian, Canadian, British, and American characters.

Grammarly’s unique features, such as its style guide, plagiarism checker, and flexibility, set it apart, but it also analyzes your text in an easy-to-understand manner. Simply put, if you use Grammarly frequently and pay attention to the detected and suggested corrections, you will improve your grammar intuitively.

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Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor: Pricing

For the majority of us, this is the deciding factor. Grammarly editor offers two premium plans: Personal and Business.

Grammarly’s Pricing

The annual payment plan is the most cost-effective option for the personal plan; it costs $12 per month. While it offers a quarterly plan for $20 per month and a monthly plan for $30 per month.

It’s only logical to choose the annual plan because you’ll save a lot of money. The business plan is only charged once a year and costs $15 per month.

To gain access to the premium plan, you must have at least 3 users.

Grammarly’s premium version includes many features that make grammar appealing to almost anyone. The business plan has all the features of the personal plan plus additional benefits such as multiple users, a style guide, and more.

Microsoft Editor Is Less Expensive

Microsoft Editor is another excellent editor with a free version. You can pay for it either annually or monthly by selecting a Microsoft 365 plan. When paid annually, the personal plan costs $69.99 per month, while the monthly plan costs $6.99.

Microsoft editor comes with  the Microsoft 365 plan
Microsoft Editor Plans and Pricing

The Microsoft 365 plan includes the entire Microsoft Office suite—Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and so on. The Microsoft editor is a sweet deal if you use Microsoft Office, but even if you don’t, it’s less expensive than Grammarly.

Writing with the Microsoft editor allows you to be more professional and confident without breaking the bank, which is why the price it’s such a good deal.

Free Version and Free Trial: Grammarly and Microsoft Editor

Grammarly has a free plan that performs spell checks and sentence editing, but it has limitations. For example, for errors that are not a high priority, such as incorrect spelling or the use of incorrect parts of speech, such as incorrect prepositions, adverbs, and so on.

However, it will not correct wordy or fragmented sentences. Its analysis will show you which issues are in which category, and you can try to solve them yourself, but using a Smart AI like Grammarly is much easier and faster.

In contrast, Microsoft Editor has a free web extension that can help you correct your spelling and restructure some of your sentences. You’d have to subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 to get full access to all of its features.

Microsoft 365 offers a generous 30-day free trial period during which you can access all premium features for free. Grammarly, on the other hand, does not provide a free trial period but does provide premium grammar suggestions regularly.

Grammarly also has sales where you can save up to half the price. Of course, these sales and discounts are primarily for the annual plan.

Bottom Line: What’s the Best Grammar Editor- Grammarly or Microsoft Word?

Grammarly has more features to help you make your writing more professional, friendly, or whatever you want it to be. Its features assist you in fine-tuning your writing to represent your brand.

It performs a thorough search for grammatical errors and spelling checks to help you detect errors that other grammar editors may miss. However, it is somewhat pricey.

Microsoft Editor is a powerful and cheaper grammar editor. It doesn’t have as many advanced features as Grammarly, but your it improves your spelling and sentence structure impeccably.

So, if you’re looking for a low-cost option, Microsoft editor will suffice, but if you want a more robust grammar editing tool, Grammarly is the way to go.

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