Hermes vs Louis Vuitton

Hermes vs Louis Vuitton – 2023 Buyer’s Guide

Hermes and Louis Vuitton are iconic brands that originated from France. They are popular for their bags, watches, and clothing that they offer customers. All their products are quite expensive but are quality worthy of every penny.

And guess what!! They both have sound resale value. They can be resold at least 80% of their original value. This article compares Hermes with Louis Vuitton, so you can know which is better.

About Hermes vs Louis Vuitton 

Thierry Hermes established this company in Paris in 1837. He knew the value of offering customers alluring and long-lasting products. His first Birkin bag was released into the market in 1984 and today it has expanded its tenets to several places across the world.  

Hermes continues till date as a successful family business.


Louis Vuitton’s history can be traced down to when the 16-year-old Louis Vuitton headed to France in 1837. He utilized 17 years of his life to learn how to manufacture trucks. 

Years later, he started up his own workshop where he was very creative in making flat-topped lightweight, and waterproof stackable trucks. 

In 1892, Louis died, and his son took over the family business. Subsequently, the LV brand grew and began partnerships with other top brands.  Today,  Louis Vuitton does not only make bags, but also creates shoes, and clothing.

Also, Louis Vuitton is now part of an international conglomerate owned by a French businessman – Arnault Bernard.

Louis Vuitton

Which Is better? Hermes or Louis Vuitton

Products Categories 

The popular items on Hermes are Oran sandals, silk scarf,  Collier De Chain bracelets, Clic clac H bracelet,  Constance belt and bag, Birkin bag, and Kelly bags.

The products available from Louis Vuitton are the Alma bag, Speedy bag, Keepall bag, NeverFull Tote bag, Noe bag, Capucines, Twist bag, and Boite Chapeau bag.

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Both brands sell luxury items that are made from high-quality materials, so it is expected of them to be very expensive.

Hermes products are more pricey than products from Louis Vuitton. 

Products Quality

Hermes uses the best feather products, and exotic skin materials ranging from crocodile skin to Epsom leather. Also, you might find some of its products adorned with 18-k gold or diamond. 

Louis Vuitton also uses top-quality materials but not anywhere close to Hermes’. LV uses materials ranging from Cowhide to Damier Canvas.


Both brands offer shipping to anywhere in the world. However, the cost is depending on your location.


Overall, Hermes beats LV in terms of affordable items that are of good quality, and in all other ramifications. 

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