H&M vs RUSE – Which Is The Best Fashion Retailer?

Fashion enthusiasts have many options when looking to buy clothes and accessories online. Among these options are H&M and RUSE. These two fashion brands are popular for their trendy and unique styles. If you’re finding it hard to choose between them, here is a buyer’s guide to help you make a well-informed purchasing decision.

About H&M vs RUSE

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a multinational clothing company based in Sweden and focused on fast fashion. It sprung up in 1947. H&M is the second-largest international apparel retailer, with 4,801 stores worldwide. It produces neutral but fashionable clothing often sold at an inexpensive price.


RUSE, on the other hand, was founded in 2015 and headquartered in New York, USA. It offers high-end, designer, and unique contemporary items. The brand is committed to quality, invention, and unparalleled customer service. RUSE continues to boast of trendy, quality, and affordable clothing, which is why most of its customers are young adults.

RUSE Fashion

H&M vs RUSE – Which Is Better?

Product categories

H&M offers a vast selection of clothing, accessories, and even home décor items, catering to various preferences. Its listings mainly consist of the latest trends, with almost any fashion item you need.

RUSE also has a variety of fashionable items listed on its website, but not as much as H&M.


H&M items are available at competitive prices. Hence, they’d meet your budget, no matter your plan.

RUSE also offers reasonably priced fashion products but at a slightly costlier price than H&M would sell similar items.

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Products quality

One thing about H&M is that its products are partly good and partly bad regarding quality. There are many complaints about their durability, with reports of issues such as fabric continuity, stitching quality, and color fading.

RUSE has an impressive image than H&M in terms of quality. It conveniently creates pieces with long-lasting quality.

Shipping and returns

Both online shopping platforms quickly deliver ordered item(s) to your doorstep. However, the shipping fee and time may vary depending on your location and preferred delivery option.

H&M and RUSE also accept returns, provided you meet their respective criteria.

Customer service

H&M ensures you get good customer service, both before and after purchase.

RUSE also has top-notch customer service. You can reach its customer support through phone and email. In fact, 90% of its customers gush about their customer service.

Pros and Cons of H&M vs RUSE

H&M Pros:

  • Size inclusive
  • Valuable rewards program


  • Low-quality products
  • Sizes of products may vary
  • Poor customer service

RUSE Pros:

  • Trendy styles
  • Offers frequent sales
  • Excellent customer service
  • Swift shipping times


  • Does not offer plus-size options


H&M and RUSE cater to different needs within the fashion industry. H&M is an excellent choice for those seeking trendy clothing at affordable prices, while RUSE has a broader array of styles available, and they’re undoubtedly the go-to for style pieces.

Your choice will ultimately depend on your personal style, budget, and preference for quality. It’s worth exploring both brands to find the best fit for your wardrobe.

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