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H&M vs Shein – Wardrobe Upgrade From The Best

Buying fashion items online often comes with indecision problems, especially if it involves popular fashion brands like H&M and Shein. Both brands have been successful in making big sales over the years owing to the consistency of high-quality fashion products with modern trends. However, there are huge dissimilarities between them.

So read on till the end to discover whether to upgrade your wardrobe by buying from H&M or Shein.

Overview – H&M vs Shein

H&M is an international fashion corporation headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s an abbreviation of Hennes & Mauritz. H&M is renowned as the world’s second-largest international clothing retailer, with over 4,000 physical stores worldwide.

H&M website

Shein, on the other hand, is a subsidiary of ROMWE. It also operates as an international fashion company, with its center of operations in Singapore. Shein is unarguably one of the best online fashion retailers in the world.

Initially, it had no physical store, and you could only buy from Shein online. But now, Shein has some pop-up stores. It also has physical stores in Arizona, New York City, and California.

Both brands have mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices.

H&M vs Shein Ownership

H&M was established by Erling Persson in 1947 in Vasteras, Sweden. And it remains its headquarters to date.

Shein’s founder is a Chinese entrepreneur, Chris Xu. It was established in Nanjing, China, in 2008, as ZZKKO.

Which Is Better Between H&M and Shein?

Let’s now check out what makes H&M different from Shein based on the following factors:

Product categories

H&M’s products comprise a collection of children, men, women, teenagers, and babies’ apparel. You’ll also find sportswear, cosmetics, underwear, shoes, and other accessories listed on its website. Moreover, you can buy home decor and beauty products online from H&M and receive their delivery anywhere in the world.

Shein also offers clothing and fashion accessories, including kitchen & dining products, home decor, events & party supplies, and home textiles. You can order these products wherever you live in.

Shein items categories

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Prices of products on H&M and Shein vary.

H&M products price

There are several cheap products available for sale on H&M’s website. Take a look at the table below to see the prices of a few of them.

H&M ProductsPrices (USD)
Satin Maxi Skirt (Women)35.99
Slit-sleeved Dress (Women)64.99
Denim Cargo Trouser (Women)36.99
Balloon Sleeved Chiffon (Women)64.99
Texture Knitted Cardigan (Women)64.99
Cargo Joggers (Men)39.99
Slim Fit Round Neck T (Men)9.99
Skinny Fit Suits Pant (Men)44.99
3-Pack Cotton Sweatshirt (Baby)27.99
Ribbed Cotton set (Baby)14.99
Sequined Bomber Jacket (Kids)34.99
Floral Cushion Cover (Home)5.99
Glass Vase (Home)36.99

Shein products price

Even though H&M products are affordable, Shein items are cheaper. The table below illustrates some of Shein’s popular products and their prices:

Shein ProductsPrices (USD)
Color block Twist Bikini (Beach Wear)8.96
Tropical Print Cut-One (Beach Wear)5
Shein VCAY Ditsy Floral Print (Women)8.56
Shein LUNE Geo Print Belted Gown (Women)10.99
ROMWE Guys Mushroom Print (Men)6
Manfinity Homme Solid Wear (Men)5
Manfibity Homme Men Plus (Men)21.49
Men Drawstrings Waists Shorts10.49
Baby 1Pc Heart Pattern Dress (Kids)6.16
Baby Boy Solid Pockets (Kids)6.70
Baby Scarf Print Camisole (Kids)5.20
Moon Design Candle Holder (Home)5.10
1Pcs Black Resin Crafts Vintage (Home)9.00

When it comes to pricing, H&M tends to be on the high side in comparison with Shein. Contrarily, Shein products’ quality varies, so we advise you to buy items tagged at higher prices to guarantee getting only premium quality items.


Shipping is free on H&M for products worth over $40, but you will be charged a fee of $3.99 for products below $40. While H&M’s standard shipping fee costs $5.99 and takes 3 to 5 business days, its Express shipping fee is $24.99 and is available on weekends.

Shein offers international shipping. Its standard shipping takes 2 days for $3.99. However, you won’t pay the shipping fee if your orders cost more than $29. Shein’s express shipping takes up to a month for $12, while it’s free for orders worth over $129.


H&M and Shein are both great brands with a wide range of fashion products and home decor. However, Shein has more affordable products than H&M.

Shein is also a better option in terms of shipping times.

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