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How to Add a User to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform for tracking and reporting sessions. It also tracks the duration of visits, pages per session bounce rates, and other activities of visitors to a website. You can use it for planning, launching, and monitoring marketing campaigns targeted towards website visitors. It is an essential tool to utilize as a website owner. 

The service was launched in 2005 after Google’s acquisition of Urchin Software Corp. Urchin Software Corp is a web analytics service that is now defunct. It is the most popular and most used analytics service for websites in the world. Google Analytics 4 or GA4 Is its current iteration version.

To add a user to Google Analytics is an easy process, and takes very little time.

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Add New User to Google Analytics

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Log into your account using your email/phone number and password. Google Analytics is a product of Google. This implies that you must have a Google account before you can use it for Google Analytics sign in.
  • Click the Admin tab on the homepage which is located at the lower-left corner.
add user google analytics
  • Click the Property Access Management or Account Access Management or View Access Management option.
  • Go to the Account Users list and click the + button and select Add Users
  • Enter the Gmail address of the user you intend to add to Google Analytics.
  • Select Notify new users by email to send a message to the new user.
  • Choose the level of permission for the new user. The Edit access level works perfectly as it links Google Ads, measure accurately. It also set up filters.

The following are the levels of permissions on Google Analytics:

  • View Level: The is the lowest level of Google Analytics user permission that can be given to a user. Multiple views can be created with various filters. For instance, a subdomain can be tracked separately on its own apart from the rest of the traffic. View level is mostly for internal use. Users with this level of access cannot set up integrations or make many changes within the account.
  • Property Level: This level of Google Analytics user permission gives users access to your retargeting code, GA (Google Analytics) tracking code. It also gives users access to certain settings on the specific website. You can set up Google Analytics on multiple sites. Every website, application or device that makes use of Google Analytics goes with the title “Property . 
  • Account Level: This level of Google Analytics user permission allows users to add other users and websites. The users also get to link AdWords and AdSense data. Users also get to see every website within your account level. It is vital for the use of agencies or consultants to implement changes in your account. Click the Add button located in the upper right corner of the page. An email will get to the new user if you have chosen to notify by email. This is as stated in the sixth step. 

And, that’s it! Please drop comments if you’re stuck and need us to help out.

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