How to Become a Shein Ambassador- Complete Guide

How to Become a Shein Ambassador- Complete Guide

Did you know you can easily earn passive income from being a fashionista? Yes, Being a Shein ambassador allows you to make money from promoting the brand and its products.

Let’s look at how to become a Shein brand ambassador, with a few pointers to help you promote the brand effectively. Want to learn more about Shein ambassadorship and what it entails? Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Shein?

Here’s a little backstory: Shein is a fashion company founded in 2008 by Chinese entrepreneur Chris Xu. It was originally known as ZZKKO before being renamed SHEIN.

Since its inception in Nanjing, Shein has grown to become one of the largest online fashion marketplaces, serving a global target audience. It sells clothing for women, men, and children with an average of $10 for dresses and $5 for tops.

Who Is a Shein Ambassador?

A Shein ambassador is a person who creates social media content to promote Shein and its products. As a result, you are expected to raise awareness for Shein products to its target audience by providing unbiased reviews,  without bashing the quality of the products.

Aside from social media content, you also professionally represent the company in a variety of ways. For example, organizing online contests for engagement, analyzing and reporting customer complaints to Shein’s support team, etc.

How to Become a Shein Ambassador

You need a strong and consistent presence on social media platforms to become a successful brand ambassador. You will also need to come up with creative ways to promote the brand.

Step 1: Make a content post about Shein on the social media platform you have a strong influence on. 

Step 2: You have to wear a Shein product in the video. The content can be a review, basically a creative way to promote Shein or its products.

Step 3: Tag Shein’s official handle (@Sheinofficial) and add relevant hashtags (#shein and #sheingals)

Step 4: Once the content is live and you’ve generated impressive engagement on it, email the content link to

If Shein’s impressed with your content, they’ll reach out to you with partnership details.

Pro Tip: Being a Shein ambassador is super competitive; your content has to be consistent and outperform previous content. You also need to specify that your content is a paid partnership in your content.

Benefits of being a Shein Ambassador

As a Shein brand influencer, you would have access to great deals, promotions, and exclusive sales. You also have access to styling guides, and tutorials to help you create new fashion trends before anyone else.

You also have an affiliate code and earn commissions when customers use your codes to make purchases.


As a Shein ambassador, you get to be a fashion icon while also making money. It broadens your social media reach, allows you to earn money as an affiliate, and enjoy special discounts on Shein’s products.

So, if you’re looking to earn some cash and rewards while being stylish, becoming a Shein brand ambassador is a step in the right direction.

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