How to create a poll in SLack with Simple Poll

How to Create a Poll in Slack- Easy Guide

The poll is one of Slack’s coolest features; it enables teams to make unbiased decisions through voting, but creating it can be tricky. In this article, I’ll show you how to create a poll in Slack.

We will be covering this in 2 easy steps;

1. Loading the Simple Poll app on your dashboard.

2. Creating a ‘simple poll’.

How to Load the ‘Simple Poll’ App in Slack

1. Sign in to Slack and go to your workspace dashboard.

2. When your dashboard opens, click the ellipsis (three-dotted icons) in the far left corner, then click ‘Apps.’

 3. Once the app menu appears, type “simple poll” into the search bar.

4. Click on ‘add’, it will take you to the app store page.

5. After clicking ‘add’ on the app store page, then fill in your workspace information, then select ‘continue.’

6. Click on ‘continue to slack’ to load the poll app extension on your slack dashboard.

7. You’ll be redirected to your dashboard where you’ll see the simple poll app extension in the lower-left corner.

Creating a ‘Simple Poll’

1. Click on the simple poll app extension. You will see a list of polls on the extension; scroll down to see if your desired poll is there; if not, click on ‘create a poll’.

2. When you click on it, a tab appears where you can enter your desired question and options.

3. Scroll down to find more features that will help you define your poll better. Some of these features are;

  • Make Poll Anonymous
  • Allow options from others
  • Limit the number of votes

4. Next, click on the preview to see your poll before launching it. If you are satisfied with it, you can launch the poll by clicking on ‘create a poll,’ or you can return to further edit the poll by clicking on ‘back’.

  1. Next, you will receive a notification on the channel you selected for the poll.
  2. Open the notification to load the poll you just created.

So, that’s how you create a simple poll on Slack.

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