How to create a web server

How to Create a Web Server

Are you looking for how to create a web server in your home? If yes, then you’re at the right place, as we have simplified the steps in doing so easily and affordably. You need a home web server for various purposes, including to store data, host a website, automate your home, run a Tor node, private email, and more.

It comprises software and hardware that uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and other components to respond to your requests on the web.

Components of a Web Server

Here’s a list of web server components, also known as LAMP Stack:

A direct Internet connection

Of course, you need a fast internet connection to set up your own web server.

TCP/IP software

You must also install a TCP/IP software, such as Mongoose, on your computer to aid the functionality of your web server.

Linux or Windows OS

Linux is an Operating System (OS), which the LAMP Stack relies on to function. It is the most-used OS for web servers.

But if your PC runs on Windows, you can still use it to create your web server.


You need to download the Apache software to power the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, allowing you to access the internet from your web browser.


MySQL is a database engine and is required to create a web server. It is an open-source relational DMS based on a client-server model


You also need a programming language known as PHP to create your own web server. Most websites use PHP, including those based on WordPress, especially for its ability to be embedded into HTML.

A dedicated server

We advise you to order ServerMania, as it is one of the best dedicated servers.

GNU Wget

You will have to download GNU Wget on your PC.

How to create a web server at home

Minimum System Requirements

The system requirements for a web server setup varies depending on the types and number of sites you wish to run on it.

See below for the typical system requirements for a web server:

  • A dedicated server
  • CentOS 7+
  • 2 GB hard disk space
  • 512MB RAM

How to Create a Web Server using a Dedicated Server like ServerMania

Here are the steps in setting up a web server via a dedicated server:

  • Connect to root via Secure Shell (SSH) to your dedicated server.

[ssh root@IP-Address]

  • Install Wget, Screen, and a unzipper software to run the installation script on your PC.

[apt-get -y install wget screen git]

  • Use Wget to download the LAMP script from Github.
  • Move to the lamp-master folder named “cd lamp.”
  • Change the installation script to be executable.
  • Open Screen to launch the installation process.
  • Input ./ to run the script.
  • Select an apache version.
  • Choose the database you intend to install. The latest version of MySQL is the best option.
  • Click Enter to set MySQL as your default data directory.
  • Input a MySQL root password.
  • Choose a PHP version. We advise you to select the latest.
  • Install PHP modules, such as php-imagick.
  • Install PHPMyAdmin by tapping on the “1” Numeric key.
  • Tap on any key to execute the installation request.

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How to Create a Web Server on Windows Server

Follow the instructions below to set up a web server on Windows:

Step 1: Open the Server Manager

Click on the Windows key and search for the Server Manager.

Windows Server Manager

Then open the app when you find it.

Step 2: Add Roles and Features

Click on Manage and select Add Roles and Features to proceed.

How to create a web server on Windows

Step 3: Follow the prompts

At this time, you’ll have to click Next to initiate the first step of the installation process. Then click Next again.

Step 4: Choose the server and click Next

You need to select the IIS server. Afterward, click the Next button.

Step 6: Select the Web Server component

Select the web server and click Next until you see the option to click Install.

Install web server

Don’t hesitate to click on it to start the installation.

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What Type of Computer can be Used as a Server?

You can use a Windows, MacOS, or Linux computer to set up a web server in your home. Desktops and laptops are also usable in creating a server, provided the computer has fast internet connection.

Can You Turn Windows 10 into a Server?

Yes, you can make a Windows 10 PC your web server, but not as a Windows Server. However, you must install a third-party server software to get started. These include RoundCube, Apache, etc.


With this walkthrough article, you will no longer find it difficult to create a web server in your home or office, provided you appropriately follow the steps. So you can now store your files in one centralized location and enjoy the privilege that comes with owning your own web server. Thanks for reading!

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