How to Create Sprint in Jira – Complete Guide 2022

Jira is a digital ticketing system that tracks your tickets, and the workflow, revisions, and projects associated with them. A sprint is a timeframe in the workflow and development cycle of a company in Jira.

If your company uses Jira for agile development, you should use it to manage sprints, both backlogs, and current sprints.

Jira makes your backlog the main focus of your sprint planning meeting, allowing you to easily evaluate products, adjust sprint scope, review velocity and re-prioritize issues in real-time.

Several targets are determined at the beginning of the sprint, and they are worked on and reviewed frequently all through the sprint. If any errors in the product are discovered during the review, adjustments are made quickly to avoid further deviation.

A sprint is a fixed period in a continuous development cycle where teams complete work from their product backlog. At the end of the sprint, a team should have built and implemented a working product increment.

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How to Create Sprint in Jira

To create a Sprint in Jira, you must be a Jira Administrator or a user with the “Manage Sprints” permission. The steps for creating a sprint in Jira for your scrum project are as follows:

1. First, log in to Jira and open a Scrum board.

2. Next, Go to your Scrum project’s Backlog.

3. After that, at the top of the backlog, click the Create Sprint button.

4. Furthermore, to configure the sprint, click on Add dates.

5. Following that, Set the sprint’s start and finish dates and give it a meaningful name.

6. Then, to launch a sprint, click Update.

Wrap Up

Developers and project managers can always use sprints to show their teams what they’re working on right now and what they need to focus on next in Jira to manage their teams’ backlog.

The purpose of sprint planning is to figure out what can be accomplished in a particular sprint and how it will be delivered.  Sprint planning is done in collaboration with the whole scrum team.

Note that If you wish to schedule work for several weeks ahead of time, you can create multiple sprints.

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