How to Delete a Slack Account or Workspace

You know the old saying, “it’s easier to tear something down than it is to build it?” Well, it’s kind of the opposite with workspace collaboration tools like Slack. When I wanted to set up my Slack account, all I had to do was click a button, enter my email address, and everything fell into place.

When I changed my email address and decided to delete my previous Slack account, I ran into a minor snag. This article will walk you through the process of easily deleting your Slack account.

How to Delete a Slack Account

1. Log in and then navigate to your workspace dashboard. Then, in the top right corner, click on your profile picture.

If you do not have a profile picture, the first letter of your email address will be displayed.

2. When you click on it, a drop-down menu appears. Click on ‘profile’ from this menu.

3. Then, on the next page or slab that appears, scroll down and click on account settings if you’re on mobile

4. If you’re using a PC, go to ‘more’ and then account settings.

5. Scroll down and click on ‘delete workspace’.

The Admin Page> Warnings> Final Deletion

6. You will be redirected to the admin settings page

7. You will be given multiple options to choose from for your account activation

8. Scroll down and click on ‘delete workspace’

9. Next, you will be greeted with some cautions on what you are about to do.

10. To finish the process, you will be prompted to enter your password.

11. After you click yes, you will be asked one more time if you are sure this is what you want to do. After you click yes your account will be deleted.


Deleting your slack account can be tricky but it’s not impossible. Whatever your reason might have been for deleting the account, you can always open a new one if you choose to, slack will not restrict your email for this reason.

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