How to Delete a Slack Channel: Complete Guide

When a Slack channel is no longer in use, it can be archived or deleted. You may need to delete a Slack channel for a few reasons. Your Slack workspace unavoidably gets crowded with redundant channels dedicated to completed work projects.

For example, you may no longer need a specific channel or choose to delete a few different channels. Whatever the case may be, deleting a Slack channel is quick and straightforward.

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How to delete a Slack Channel in Six (6) Simple Steps

Here’s how to delete a Slack channel:

1. First, open Slack. Click or double-click the Slack app icon, and this will open your main Slack group if you’re logged in.

2. Next, select a channel. On the left side of the window, click the channel’s name you wish to delete.

3. After that, select the name of the channel you want to delete in the conversation header.

4. Furthermore, in the menu on the top, click Settings.

5. Following that, select Delete this channel at the bottom of the page.

6. Then, check the small box next to Yes, permanently delete this channel, then confirm by selecting Delete channel.

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Wrap up

It’s as simple as that! Although we are often added to more Slack channels than we can even remember and the truth is most of them are useless to us. Either the messages are irrelevant or no longer in use, and they are just taking up space on the sidebar.

Hopefully, this guide has taught you how to delete unwanted channels. Now you can delete any Slack channel you no longer need and focus on the important ones. 

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