How to make a Discord Server

How to Make a Discord Server

Are you looking for a walkthrough guide on how to make a Discord server of your own? If so, here are your informational needs. Discord is very helpful in both professional and personal life. In this article, you will discover how to get started with Discord for business, along with examples of businesses using it to their advantage.  

What is a Discord server?

A Discord server is a community space where you can chat over text and voice notes with members of the server. Despite the name, you don’t have to self-host your server to make one Discord handle that works for you. Text and speech channels are the primary content of each server, which you may arrange according to your preference.

What can you use a Discord server for?

A Discord server’s primary purpose is to create a community for friends, studying, or gaming. But thanks to recent community and business-centered characteristics, you can use it for additional purposes like:

  • Building a community for your creator business
  • collaborating with coworkers (essentially substituting Slack with Discord)
  • Promoting your business to potential customers by building a community for your brand

Basic Set Up

Before you can play with Discord’s features, you need to create an account for yourself and begin your server. Here’s how to perform that initial setup.

Make a Discord account?

Register for a Discord account on the signup page if you don’t already have one. You’ll only need to enter your email, a username, a password, and your date of birth.

You can make an additional account for managing servers if you already have one. This strategy may be helpful if you plan on managing multiple servers.

Create a new server

Now that you already have an account, open Discord in the Discord App or your browser. Begin to create your server by clicking the +icon on the left-hand side of your screen, below the icons of the servers you follow.

Discord will prompt you to choose a template or start from scratch. Templates provide a ready-to-go list of channels. If you see one that seems the same as what you want to do, go ahead and choose it, but it is fine to start blank, too.

The same rule is applied when Discord asks if you want to build your server for a greater community or just friends. Select whatever choice matches your server purpose more closely, or skip the question.

For the last touch, Discord will prompt you to upload a server icon and choose a server name. The list of servers that your server members follow will have your server icon on it.

With all these steps completed, you’ll have a brand new Discord server to work with.

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