How to Rent Now, and Pay Later with Kwaba

Rent Now, Pay Later with Kwaba is a flexible and hassle-free feature to help you rent the house you want and pay on your own terms. It’s a payment option that allows you to pay rent in installments. It enables you to flexibly pay your rent with monthly payments at low interest.

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Kwaba’s Features And Benefits

  • High Ticketing

A major benefit of using the Rent Now, Pay Later with Kwaba option is that it allows you to obtain high-ticket homes that you might not have been able to afford upfront.

  • Flexible Payment

It also provides payment flexibility, as you can select the length of the rental period and the monthly payment amount that works best for your budget.

Keep in mind that the repayment period can range from 1 to 12 months, you can’t spread your payment for more than a year.

Also, because Rent Now, Pay Later with Kwaba is not a traditional loan, you are not building credit with this feature.

  • Savings

Aside from rent loans, you can also save with Kwaba. It allows you to save towards your goals and earn decent returns.

Unlike other savings platforms, Kwaba helps you meet your savings target by assigning an accountability partner to you. This will push you to meet your savings goal.

  • Emergency Fund

Rainy days are rainy days because we hardly ever see them coming. Kwaba’s emergency fund provides you with instant loans to cover unexpected expenses.

How To Apply for a Rent Loan with Kwaba

To use the Rent Now, Pay Later with Kwaba option, you must:

  1. First, visit Kwaba’s website and download the app.
  1. Next, sign up and complete your KYC.
  2. Once your KYC is approved, apply for a rent loan.


Paying your rent is easier when you don’t have to pay a lump sum annually. Rent Now, Pay Later by Kwaba allows you to pay your rent upfront and repay it in monthly installments.

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