How to Send GIFs in Slack

Conversations on Slack can be pretty stiff and formal, but you can convey your emotions and make Slack chats much more fun by using Gifs. Also, GIFs make your conversations with your teammates more friendly and casual.

There’s a higher chance they’ll respond to you faster when you’re goofy than when you sound all rigid and formal. So, GIFs don’t just brighten up a conversation; they also help you collaborate with your team more effectively.

How to Add Giphy to Slack

Here’s a step-by-step guide for adding Giphy to Slack:

  1. First, click on browse Slack, then click on Apps.
  1. Type Giphy into the search bar, then click on Add.
  1. Wait for the Giphy app to open in another tab, click on Add to Slack.
  1. Next, click on Add Giphy Integration.
  1. After that, Click on Save Integration

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How to Send GIFs on Slack

Adding Giphy to your Slack is the first step. You still need to send the GIFs in conversations. So, after you’ve integrated Giphy into Slack, take the following steps to send GIFs to anyone you want:

  1. First, Click on Channels, then open any conversation
  1. Enter / giphy followed by an and press enter or return
  1. Next, a random GIF will be displayed in the conversation. If you don’t like the GIF currently displayed, you can shuffle it. When you’ve decided on a GIF, press the send button.
  1. After that, Click on send.

Wrap Up

Aside from emojis, you can use GIFs to make your Slack conversations more fun and casual. Follow the guide above to transform boring slack channels into lively ones using adorable GIFs. So, instead of sending long sentences about how you’re feeling to your teammates, just use GIFs. They make your workspace conversations more friendly and expressive.

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