How to Share Google Calendar on iPhone

How to Share Google Calendar on iPhone

Here’s how to use your iPhone Create and share events on Google Calendar from your iPhone in less than 5 minutes!

Creating An Event on Google Calendar App Using an iPhone

1. Locate the app on the home screen of your iPhone and tap to open

2. Sign in with your Gmail address if you’re using Google Calendar for the first time on your phone. 

3. After you’ve selected your desired google account you will be redirected to the google calendar app home page.

4. While on the home page click the add (+) icon at the lower part of the home page

5. You’ll see a pop-up menu; select the event icon.

6. Add a title to name your event

7. click on the all-day icon if the event is to hold on that day or else; 

  • Select the event date
  • Select the event start time

9. Repeat the above step on the next row to set the stop date and time.

Share The Event You’ve Just Created

1. Directly below the stop date you will find the add people icon, click on it to add the email address of the persons you’d want to share your event with. 

2. Click done to finalize this step 

3. Click the add people icon to add more email addresses

4. Save and share the event.

How To Share An Already Existing Event on Google Calendar with iPhone

1. Locate the event on the home page of the google calendar app

2. Click on the event

3. On the event tab, click on the add people icon 

4. Add the email addresses of the persons you want to share the event with then click done.

That’s it! You’ve created and shared events on Google Calendar with your iPhone in less than 5 minutes!

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