How to update graphics driver on a PC

How to Update Graphics Driver on a PC

There is hardly any website you visit that you won’t find an image, text, or video. All of these tools are controlled by your graphics driver. 

Are you experiencing difficulty in updating your PC’s graphics driver? You are in the right place.

In this article, we’ll share with you all that you need to know about updating a graphics driver on a PC.

Let’s delve in.

What are Graphic Drivers?

Graphics drivers or display drivers are often referred to as a set of instructions that enables your PC to change digital codes into pictures, videos, and graphics. It is known for supplying operating instructions to your computer’s graphics cards to display images on the screen.

In other words, graphic drivers help your computer display visuals seamlessly. 

How to Update your Graphics Driver by Downloading Directly from your PC Manufacturer’s Site

Visit your computer’s manufacturer’s website. Search for the latest version of the graphics driver or if there is an update. If there is an update available, download the right driver for your PC. Once you have found one that is suitable for you, double-click on it, and follow the installation instructions that appear on the page.

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How to Update your PC Graphic Drivers Using Windows Device Manager

Windows Device Manager takes care of all types of software updates, especially graphics drivers. Just follow the simple steps below to update the graphics driver on your computer:

How to update graphics driver on a PC
  • Search for the Windows Device in the search bar on the taskbar of your PC
  • Choose a category to see the names of devices ( and pick the one most suitable for your computer) and right-click
  • Choose ‘Search Automatically for updated software ‘
  • Choose ‘Update Driver’p
  • If there is no new update for your graphics driver, you can try out the other method as mentioned above

Note that after you have manually or automatically updated your Graphics driver, you must reinstall it to ensure its high performance. 

Here is how to reinstall the graphics driver on your device:

  • Go to your Windows Device Manager
  • Press and hold ( or right-click) the name of the device. Select Uninstall option
  • Restart your computer 
  • Once your PC is on, Windows will try to reinstall the graphics driver

Importance of Updating Graphic Drivers

It is pertinent to update your graphic driver for the following reasons:

  • Ensures the provision of a greater power processing power
  • Smarter allocation of RAM (Random Access Memory) on your PC
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Occasional protection from malware that targets your system graphics card
  • Gamers will enjoy a peak performance with up-to-date graphics drivers.

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