How to Use Amazon Gift Card

Can’t decide how to use your Amazon Gift Card? let’s go over the different ways you can use it online and in-store.

Also, Amazon Gift Cards aren’t refundable or returnable, so the easiest way to use them if you’re not using them for purchases is to convert them to cash.

Let’s get started.

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How Do I Redeem an Amazon Gift Card?

If you would like to redeem the Gift Card via your Amazon account, here is a step-by-step guide (with screenshots):

  • Log on to Amazon and sign in to your account
  • Go to the Gift cards section
  • Then click on Redeem Amazon Gift Cards
  • Enter the card’s Claim Code

Click on Apply to your balance, and that’s all. You’ll receive a confirmation message if you redeemed the gift card(s) successfully.

How Do I Use an Amazon Gift Card For the First Time?

You can use it to make online and in-person payments in many stores globally. You could also redeem the gift card to shop on Amazon.

How Do I Convert My Amazon Gift Card To Cash?

You can convert Amazon Gift Cards of any value to cash, but not directly, as you have to go through a third party. Here are some of the ways you can convert your Amazon gift card into cash:

1. Sell to a Reseller

If you’re looking to sell your Amazon gift cards, there are lots of sites you can go to, like Patricia. The bad news is that you might have to sell them at a lower price because the buyer wants to make a profit too.

2. Buy Items Using the Amazon Gift Card and Sell Those Items

Many stores, including Amazon’s Shopping platform, accept Amazon Gift Cards as a payment method. It’s an advantage for you to order items online or visit physical stores for in-demand products.

You can then resell them to your friends or post them online to find buyers.

3. Buy a Prepaid Debit Card

Another way to convert an Amazon Gift Card to cash is to use it to buy a prepaid debit card, which costs less than $10. The card will have the remaining value of the gift card, which you can withdraw at an ATM.

Where Can I Redeem My Amazon, Gift Card?

If you’re looking to redeem an Amazon gift card, there are a few different ways to do it. You can redeem it through Amazon’s website, but you can also use it when you’re ordering products or services from Amazon Services LLC Store e.g. Amazon Music Unlimted, Prime Video, and more.

Final Thoughts!

That’s it! You can now redeem or shop with your Amazon gift cards globally.

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