How To Use Dall E 3

How To Use Dall E 3

Dall E 3 is the latest version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT image generator. It is a successor of the Dall-E 2, and is a modern text-to-image system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Its usability and output quality differs from that of DALL· E 2. In this article, we will walk you through how to use Dall E 3, whether on a mobile device or computer.

OpenAI’s Dall E 3 is one of the best and most popular AI image generators. It allows you to translate your ideas (in the form of text) into images easily. Regardless of your technical skills and experience, you can use DALL-E 3 to convert texts to images in minutes. In fact, your device’s performance is not a criterion in generating images with DALL-E 3.

To use Dall-E 3 to turn text to images, you must possess the following:

  • An internet-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • A ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise account

Here are the steps to generate images from text using Dall-E 3:

Step 1: Sign up on the website.

You can only use Dall-E 3 to generate image when you are signed in to your account. Hence, you will have to register to OpenAI but can skip this step if you’ve previously signed up to ChatGPT.

When you sign in to your account, click or tap on Start Creating with DALL-E to proceed.

Note that you do not need to buy credits immediately you sign up as you will receive 50 free credits to try out the AI. If you are running down on credit, you will have to buy more, in which 115 credits costs $15.

Step 2: Type your prompt.

At this time, you’ll have to provide an elaborate description of the image you want Dall-E 3 to generate for you via AI. The description is known as the prompt and must be easy for the system to understand.

How to use Dall-E 3

An example of a good prompt is “A white cat behind a horse with a black background”.

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Step 3: Send your prompt.

After typing your prompt in the dedicated space, you can now forward it for the AI system to process. You will have to either tap or click on the Surprise Me button to proceed.

How to use Dall-E 3

Step 4: Wait for processing

Dall-E 3 takes a few seconds to one minute to convert AI images from text. Once processed, you can download and use the image for any purpose.

How to Use Dall-E on Bing Chat

To access Dall-E 3 on Bing Chat, take the following steps one after the steps:

  • Log on to the official Bing Chat website.
  • Locate the Image Creator section. Then input the image you want Dall-E 3 to generate for you and click/tap on the Join & Create button. (The description should be simple, such as “A boy standing beside a dog”.)
How to use Dall-E 3

Then wait for Dalle 3 to process your input and generate an image based on your request.

How Does DALL-E 3 Work?

Dall E 3 converts text to images from the description you provided in the text section. It uses AI technology to generate each detail in the image.

How Do I Access DALL-E 3?

To access DALL-E 3, you need an internet-enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Then visit the website to get started.

Is Midjourney Better Than DALL-E?

No, Midjourney is better at rendering detailed images than Dall-E 3. Hence, consider going for Dall E if you ever have to choose between these two AI-based image generators.

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Can I Use DALL-E For Free?

Yes, you can start using Dall-E 3 at no cost until you exhaust the free credits you received after signing up. When you no longer have credits on the platform, you must pay online to buy more. You can find your invoices in your Labs Account Settings > View payment history.

To buy credits, go to your Account Page and then click or tap on Buy Credits.

Why Does DALL-E Need my Phone Number?

Your telephone number is one of the major requirements to register on Dall-E 3. The system needs your mobile number to verify your authenticity, as well as to keep its platform more secure.

Can Regular People Use DALL-E?

Yes, Dall-E 3 is accessible to anyone who wants to generate images from text. So you can log on to the AI tool to create images for any use. Besides, Dall-E is accessible on all internet-enabled devices, both mobile and computer.

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What is the Limit of DALL-E Input?

Your prompt on Dall-E 3 must be at most 400 characters, which is equivalent to 60 to 100 words. The system won’t allow you to exceed this limit so you need to make the most of your words and keep them short.

Can I Sell Images I Create with DALL-E?

Yes, you possess all rights to the images you use Dall-E 3 to create. That means you can make money from them on any platform or even sell them for any price. You may also print them and display publicly.

How Much Does It Cost to Use DALL-E?

Dall-E 3 charges various amounts for helping you to generate images from your text. The fee varies depending on the image’s resolution, as described below:

  • 256 x 256 image resolution: US $0.016
  • 512 x 512 image resolution: US $0.018
  • 1024 x 1024 image resolution: US $0.02


Having followed the instructions in this article, you will find Dalle 3 to be stress-free and resourceful in generating any form of art. You can use Dall-E 3 to create image for almost any purpose, including your science projects, website designs, and business logos.

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