Is Apple Music Better Quality than Amazon Music?

If you’re in dire need of a platform to listen to various kinds of music, both Amazon Music and Apple Music are awesome go-tos at any hour of the day.

Amazon Music and Apple Music are two of the most popular streamlining services in the world. Amazon Music has launched a high-fidelity feature to its platform without any extra charge. While Apple Music recently set up both spatial audio support and lossless music streaming. 

Both Amazon Music and Apple Music have diverse features and subscription plans. With that in mind, in this article, we’d be comparing the two streamlining services to know which is better: Amazon Music vs Apple Music. Read till the end to find out the winner.

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Amazon Music vs Apple Music: The difference?


Amazon Music has a free trial for users once they sign up and listen to music for free, however, it’s only for a while as you are expected to subscribe to any of the plans on the platform. The standard individual subscription for Amazon Music Unlimited is $8.99/ month. 

If you are a Prime member, you can subscribe for $89/annually and get an unlimited subscription and access to all the songs on the platform. The student’s plans cost $4.99/ month but if you are a Prime member, you will get to pay just $3.99/month. The family plan costs $14/month ( for 6 accounts under 1 subscription). 

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Unlike Amazon Music,  Apple Music doesn’t offer a free trial. The individual subscription costs $10.99 while the students’ subscription goes for $5.99. The family subscription costs $16.99 (for 6 accounts). The annual plan goes for $109/year.

Music Library

If you try out Amazon Music Unlimited for free, you can listen to 100 million songs. But if you sign up for the paid plan, you can listen to your music without the shuffle mode. You can also save your music and playlist on up to 10 devices.

There are over 100 million songs on Apple Music, including podcasts, foreign songs, and much more. Unlike Amazon Music, you can sync any downloaded song on any device signed in with your same Apple ID.

Amazon Music vs Apple Music- Sounds Quality

Amazon Music HD offers a variety including CD-quality 16-bit/44.1KiloHertz and more. However, bear in mind that you will require an external DAC for the best quality if you are streamlining from your phone. You will get a good sound delivery if you are using the desktop app to play Amazon CD content. 

Also, bear in mind that using the desktop app might come with a slight issue – the selection of hi-res content that is defaulted to any system’s internal audio output settings. But the good part is that it can be adjusted until it works perfectly with your laptop’s settings.

Immersive Sounds

Both Amazon Music HD and Amazon Music Unlimited support Dolby Atmos Studio and Sony Audio Reality Audio. Both are more hardware-limited than Apple Music.

The Spatial audio option of Apple Music is Dolby Atmos. This audio option can make a digital 3D effect. 


Regardless of the plan you are subscribed to on Amazon Music, you have access to the in-browser features. 

Apple Music usually requires installing the app, however, users can play music, and search for curated content on the browser.

Final Verdict: Amazon Music vs Apple Music

Amazon Music is pretty close to Apple Music in terms of features. Apple Music’s app is super easy to use and provides a really good user experience. Even though Amazon and Apple Music have a lot in common, Amazon Music has slightly better features.

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