Is BlushMark a Solid Shein Alternative?

Physical brands like Zara and H&M have struggled to keep up with GenZ fashion brands like Shein and Blush Mark. These relatively new fashion retailers have become the go-to shopping hub for new-generation fashion lovers, leveraging on the ultrafast and super cheap business model. Both brands are also big on influencer marketing, partnering with social media influencers to promote their products on platforms like Tiktok, YouTube, and Instagram.

In this article, we’ll be looking at what makes  BlushMark and Shein so appealing- their pros, cons, pricing, and more. Fashionista? Stick around to find out which retailer is best for you!

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Shein vs Blushmark: What You Should Know

Some essential facts you should know about BlushMark and Shein


BlushMark was initially intended to be an extension of a bridalwear fashion company, Azazie, to cater to the production of trendy styles for special occasions. All this changed when the covid19 pandemic hit. Instead, Azazie’s CEO, Charles Zhong, decided to start a company that catered to the ever-changing fashion trends. BlushMark was born as a result in May 2020.

Blushmark’s main source of inspiration is social media- what is trending and what celebrities are endorsing. According to the company’s CMO, Ranu Coleman, they currently have cute takes on loungewear in their catalog, including shorts sets, trendy dresses with fun prints, and crop tops. The average cost of these is $15.

Since the launch of the company, there has been a surge in sales, reaching as high as 200%-300% each month. This is mainly due to influencers pushing the brand and vouching for the quality of its products. The BlushMark app became the eighth most downloaded shopping app in Apple’s store within the first year of its launch, trumping others like Nike and Target according to App Annie’s daily top apps on iOS list.

BlushMark has a record of churning out new styles in a relatively short time. Its average production time from spotting a trendy design on social media till it’s ready for shipping is 14 days. One thing worthy of note about them is that they do not mass-produce.

If you ask me, this is one major difference when comparing BlushMark vs Shein. According to its CMO, it manufactures small batches of about 16 pieces per style and then places additional orders if and when it sells. Every week, a new influx of styles is unloaded on their website.


Chris Xu founded the Shein in 2008 in Nanjing, China. It was originally known as Sheinside and was focused solely on women’s fashion. But with a growth spurt over the years, it decided to rebrand as “Shein” in 2015 and expand into men’s and children’s clothing. Today, it’s one of the top-performing online fashion retailers in the world, highly patronized by GenZ folks, and famous for its trendy and affordable clothing. 

If you’re a teenager or young adult who enjoys keeping up with the latest fashion trends, you’re probably the target audience for companies like Shein. They understand that young people typically seek fashion inspiration on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Shein wants to make it easier for you to find fashionable clothing at a reasonable price. They believe that everyone should be able to enjoy fashion and are dedicated to making that happen. So, if you’re on a tight budget but still want to look trendy and stylish, Shein is a great option.

Shein has done relatively well since its inception, with a global consumer base spanning over 220 countries. Shein has been the most mentioned fashion brand on social media. Shein was the most talked about brand on TikTok and Youtube in 2020, as well as the fourth most talked about brand on Instagram.

When it comes to style and affordability, it now lives up to its model. Shein’s catalog includes hundreds of trendy tops, beautiful dresses, jaw-dropping bathing suits, cute jeans, and long-lasting outerwear for as little as $20. 

Now, let’s get into it: why should you choose either of these brands? What would be the deciding factor if you had to choose between these two options?

Let’s see what sets them apart from each other.

BlushMark vs Shein: The Difference

When people go shopping, they are usually most concerned with two things: finding high-quality items at a fair price. Nobody wants to waste money on something that looks terrible or doesn’t meet their standards, nor do they want to overpay for something they really like. 

Now, we’ll be considering how these companies satisfy their customers. Do they offer quality and affordability? Let’s find out.


BlushMark products are of high quality and durable. This is major because the brand does not mass produce.  For each new style, they only produce a limited number of orders, till there are new orders.  This lets them zero in on producing high-quality items, which has earned them a lot of positive feedback. 

The quality of Shein’s products falls somewhere in the middle. While not all of their products are of exceptional quality, they are also not all trash. You can get pretty durable items from the website, but it’s often suitable for short-term wear. 

If you’re looking to buy long-term wear, make sure to read the reviews for that item before placing an order so you know exactly what you’re getting.

BlushMark vs Shein- Affordability

BlushMark creates affordable clothing that anyone can afford. Their products are designed for everyday people who want to look fashionable without breaking the bank. Their clothing costs around $15 on average, which is very reasonable. This price range is ideal for young people who want to wear trendy clothes that they have seen on their favorite social media influencers.

BlushMark hinges on instant gratification as well, such that when a consumer finds pieces they like while on social media and they can immediately purchase them in-app. This enables them to stay on top of trends and offer the latest and greatest as soon as possible.

Shein’s products are also affordable, ranging from a dollar to $150. Its product categories include tops, dresses, loungewear, lingerie, shoes, bags, activewear, general wear, and new trends, all at incredibly low prices.

So, if you need something stylish and affordable for an outing, date, or office, Shein is a great option. The best part is that their orders arrive on time, so you can order today and have it in a couple of days.


Fast fashion has been around for a while, but companies like BlushMark and Shein have taken it to a new level by producing clothes even faster. Shein adds about 2000 new products per day, while BlushMark has over 10,000 popular items in stock.

Shein is cheaper and has more products than BlushMark, but BlushMark has higher-quality products. So, if you’re looking for a good deal, Shein is a good choice, but if you want quality, BlushMark is better.

Cheers to rocking trendy, exquisite outfits🥂

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