Google Drive vs MEGA

Is MEGA Better Than Google Drive?

Google Drive and Mega are popular cloud storage services for documents, files, etc. Choosing between them can be quite challenging because they are both doing great. In this article, we’ll distinguish between both cloud storage platforms based on their features and pricing options. So ensure you read to the end!

Overview of Google Drive vs Mega

Google Drive is a component of Google Workspace where you can safely back up and access your documents, files, presentation, spreadsheets, surveys, and more from any device.

Google Drive homepage

Mega, on the other hand, is a secure cloud storage and communication service. It is very safe with a guarantee that your data is encrypted. Like Google Drive, you can upload files of all formats on Mega and access them anywhere.

Mega homepage

Pricing Options – Mega vs Google Drive

Google Drive and Mega offer free cloud storage of 15GB and 20GB, respectively. Besides, you can upgrade your storage by subscribing to a monthly or annual plan.

Take a look at the table below to see the pricing options for Google Drive:

Cloud Storage Capacity100 GB200 GB2TB
Pricing Per Month (USD)1.992.999.99

The table below shows the pricing plans of Mega and some of its features:

Popular PlansPro IPro IIPro III
Cloud Storage Capacity2TB8TB16TB
Pricing Per Month (USD)10.9921.9832.98
Features1 user, 24 TB for transfer1 user, 96 TB for transfer3 users, 16 TB for transfer

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Final Thought!

Google Drive is a better option because it easily integrates with other Google services, like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc. However, Mega offers more cloud storage capacity when used for free than Google Drive.

But if you need up to 16TB of cloud storage at a cost, you should go for Mega.

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