Olist.ng vs Jiji

Is Olist Better Than Jiji? Olist.ng vs Jiji

Olist.ng and Jiji are the leading online listing platforms in Nigeria. Both platforms have numerous ads for various products. They are both similar based on how they connect buyers and sellers seamlessly. Hence, telling their differences can be challenging. In this article, we will compare Olist.ng vs Jiji side-by-side so you can decide which is better to shop on. Ensure you read till the end.

About Olist.ng vs Jiji

Olist.ng is a free Nigerian e-commerce platform, as well as an online categorized ad listing website. It was founded in 2019 by the Opera Group. On Olist.ng, you can buy or vend products and services. Interestingly, it has over four million visitors a month.


Jiji is another web-based listing platform initially launched in Nigeria before expanding to other African countries such as Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda. It was established in 2014 by Anton Wolyansky. Jiji.ng has over eight million visitors every month.


You can buy and advertise both new and fairly used items on Olist and Jiji. They also have mobile apps for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Olist.ng vs Jiji – Differences and Similarities

Product categories

Products of different categories are available on Olist.ng. These include cars, houses to let/sell, phones, vehicles, electronics, fashionable items, home & kids products, services, etc.

Jiji.ng also lists the same categories, with little or no difference. You can also find job vacancies, health & beauty products, and furniture on both e-commerce platforms.

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Olist.ng and Jiji tend to have moderate prices for all products and services listed on their platforms. However, Jiji offers customers access to renegotiate with vendors on the platform.

Product Quality

Products listed on Olist and Jiji are not vetted for their quality and genuineness. Therefore, we recommend properly checking each item before buying from a seller on these e-commerce platforms.

You may also check the seller’s reviews to be sure you’re buying wisely.


Unlike other online shopping platforms, shipping on Olist.ng and Jiji is based on the arrangement between you and the seller. Thus, you can choose a date and time that best suits your schedule to either pick up the item or meet with the seller.


Olist.ng and Jiji are popular ads and online listing platforms in Nigeria. They are quite similar, and you can buy/sell any item on their respective websites. While Olist.ng is Nigeria-centric, Jiji serves Nigerians and Africans in specific countries. Overall, these two e-commerce platforms are excellent platforms to shop from.

What’s your take on these marketplaces? Let us know in the comment section below.

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