Is Shein and Wish the Same Company?

If you’re planning to buy something online but can’t decide whether to buy from Shein or Wish, let’s help you choose. Both Shein and Wish sell similar products such as fashion, electronics, and computers. 

However, the prices and quality of products on both websites may differ. We will compare Shein and Wish so you can get the best deal and the fastest delivery.

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Overview – Shein vs Wish

Shein focuses majorly on fashion and beauty products, but it also offers other products such as pet supplies, electronics, car accessories, home appliances, etc. The company is one of the world’s leading fashion retailers.

Wish is an American e-commerce platform that manages online trade between sellers and buyers. 

Both Shein and Wish are well-known for their affordable products. They have similar product categories, but Shein focuses on fashion products, while Wish sells almost everything.

Are Shein Items More Affordable than Wish?

Yes, Shein typically sells most products on its website at lower prices than Wish does. This is because Shein produces most of the products listed on its website, Wish vendors hike product prices because of the commission fee, and other factors.

Shein vs Wish Product Quality

Generally, Shein has more high-quality products in stock than It procures these products directly from manufacturers and factories.

Wish product quality depends on the seller you’re buying for, so always check reviews before placing an order.

Shipping and Delivery

Both e-commerce platforms ship across different the globe. Shein provides standard and express shipping options. You can get free delivery if your order quantity exceeds a certain threshold, which varies by country.

Wish can ship your orders directly to your address.  Its available shipping methods include standard, express Shipping, Ship-to-Store, and flat-rate shipping.

Returns and Exchange Policy

Both Shein and Wiish offer returns and full refunds for dissatisfied and defective items whether purchased. However, their refund policies differ.

Wish gives you up to 30 days after receiving the item to return it, while Shein accepts returns on items purchased within the last 35 days. You will also not be charged any shipping fees for the initial return on an order to Shein.

It all depends on the seller on Wish, if the seller accepts free returns, you don’t have to pay, and vice versa.


Shein and Wish are reliable online shopping platforms, each with its pros and cons. If you only shopping for fashion, Shein has a larger collection of trendy clothing and accessories at low prices.

But Wish is a better alternative if you want to buy products other than fashion items.

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