Jumia Black Friday iPhone Price List 2022

Jumia Black Friday iPhone Price List 2022

The Jumia Black Friday 2022 event has been slated to run from 4th November to 30th November. With this event comes a lot of discount deals and promos for devices and appliances from various retailers. Apple is not left out of this as there’ll be several deals for iPhones and Ipads.

Now is an excellent time to purchase Apple products at significantly lower prices than usual.

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iPhone Price List for Jumia Black Friday 2022

Here’s a list of iphones deals for the Jumia 2022 black friday:

  • Apple iPhone SE, 128GB – ₦ 408,999
  • Apple iPhone 14 Plus, 512GB – ₦ 1,200,999
  • Apple iPhone 13, 128GB – ₦ 570,000
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro – ₦ 600,000
  • iPhone 12, 5G– ₦ 495,000
  • Apple iPhone X 256GB – ₦ 252,000
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max – ₦ 470,000
  • iPhone 11: ₦320,000
  • iPhone XS Max: ₦ 345,000
  • iPhone XR: ₦ 275,000
  • iPhone X: ₦232,000
  • Apple IPad 9th Gen 64GB – ₦ 280,900
  • Apple IPad 9th Gen, 256GB: ₦ 397,800
  • Apple IPad Air, 2020 – ₦ 694,999
  • Apple IPad Air 10.9, 64GB – ₦ 549,999
  • Apple IPad Mini 6 – ₦ 617,999
  • Apple IPad Air 10.9 M1: ₦ 831,999

If you’d like to see Apple deals for other products like Macbook, Airpods, USB charger and more, visit the official brand page.

Unlike most Jumia brands, Apple black Friday deals does not have a dedicated brand day. Instead of getting amazing deals for just 24 hours, you’ll get amazing deals throughout the Black Friday event, which runs from November 4th to November 30th 2022.

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Other Black Friday iPhone Deals

You can also get amazing deals on iphones by participating in the treasure hunt. The treasure hunt is an app only deal that gives the winner 99% off on a selected item. One this year’s treasure hunt item is iphone 3 pro Max at only N8,276.

If you want to enter the giveaway for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, sign in to your Jumia app before November 25th at 11:59 a.m. Then, search for the item in different categories because it will be hidden in a different category and you will have to sort through them to find the iphone.

If you want to look into more Jumia Black Friday 2022 deals and tips to win the treasure hunt, visit this page. Kindly let us know in the comments section if there are other deals you’d like us to list; we’d be happy to do so.

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