Klasha: Buy and Sell Globally From Africa

Payment restrictions are one of the most difficult challenges for Africans when shopping from major e-commerce retailers like Aliexpress, Asos, Shein, and others. Many major retailers do not accept African local currency payments or do not ship to specific African countries.

Klasha bridges the gap between Africans and their favorite international e-commerce retailers by offering cross-border payments and fast doorstep delivery. Allowing you to shop at your favorite e-commerce stores and pay for services like Spotify, Netflix, and others in your local currency.

Klasha makes shopping simple and quick. You get fast and efficient delivery services, and a virtual dollar card to pay for services like Spotify, Amazon, and others.

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What Can I Do With Klasha?

  • Shop From International E-commerce Stores

Klasha allows you to shop internationally from your favorite brands using your local currency. It covers six African countries- Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. You can fund your Klasha account with your debit cards, bank transfers, mobile money, USSD, and payment links.

  • Klasha Business 

As a business owner, you can use Klasha to sell and distribute to a global customer base, as well as connect with business partners and suppliers all over the world. Accept payments in your local currency or dollars, and manage your transactions with a simple dashboard.

  • Klasha Dollar Visa Card

The Klasha dollar visa card is a virtual card that allows for high-limit spending. You can use the card shop across multiple global stores, pay for services, and even international tuition fee.

How to Shop Internationally With Klasha

Here’s how to create a Klasha account and shop from your favorite international stores-

  1. Download the klasha app on the play store or app store. 
  2. Sign up and fill in your details correctly.
  1. A confirmation token will be sent to your email, input the number to verify your account.
  2. Next, create and confirm your pin.

5. After that, add a security question only would know for advanced security.

6. Verify your BVN, ID, and Address.

You can now fund your wallet and shop from any global store of your choice.

If you’re looking to use Klasha to collect multi-currency payments, here’s how to set up your account:

1. Visit the Klasha Business page

2. Select create business account, it will redirect you to the signup page to fill in your information.

3. Check your inbox for a verification email.

4. Next, sign in and fill in your business information

5. Before submitting, double-check the information. Your business information will be reviewed by the Klasha team, and once verified, you can begin receiving payments for your products and services.


The Klasha platform solves the problem of online payment and currency. You shop in desired online stores seamlessly. Global trading and transaction are simplified in such a way that you can manage your accounts. Online purchase of goods and services is accessible by customers around the globe.

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