Moni Africa- Get Business Loans for Your Small Business

Moni Africa- Get Business Loans for Your Small Business

Accessing affordable loans to grow your business can be incredibly hard for a Nigerian small business owner. Of course, there are various loan platforms available, but it is hard to find no-collateral loans with reasonable interest rates. Moni Africa is an African digital financial platform that provides loans to small and medium-sized businesses.

Moni Africa enables you to build a long-term business by providing financial services such as flexible loans, insurance, and secured savings.

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How does Moni Africa Work?

Moni Loans 

Moni Africa offers a straightforward loan application process, flexible loan options, and high-interest rates on your savings. Unlike traditional banks, Moni uses social trust to provide you with a collateral-free loan and financial services. All you have to do is create and nurture a network of trustworthy business owners.

Float Insurance 

This is a Moni Africa feature that protects your money loan from theft from banks and within your business space. Float insurance can cover you for up to a year unless your loan amount changes during that time, then you’d have to reapply.

You have to first determine your premium amount to secure your Moni loan; the premium is calculated as a percentage of your eligibility.

Next, read the terms and conditions to understand what the insurance covers. Finally, subscribe to the terms and conditions to activate your insurance.

Moni Vault

Vault is the Moni app’s savings feature, where you can save money and withdraw it at its maturity. This app has two saving options: safebox and reserve. The safebox is a savings plan that allows you to save towards a specific goal, whereas the reserve is a savings plan that allows you to save a large sum over a long period.

It is a fully secure saving platform where you have full control over your savings and can easily access them in an emergency. You can earn up to 21% interest on your savings when you save with Moni vault.

Join the #NewYearNewMoni Challenge to earn up to 28 p.a. on your Moni Vault Plan

How to Set Up My Moni Account and Receive Small Business Loans

Follow these steps to create your Moni account:

  1. Download the app on the play store or app store.
  2. Click on join.
  3. Next, fill in your details correctly.
  1. Verify your account by entering the SMS confirmation code.

Now you have a Moni account!

To access a Moni loan:

  1. Sign in to your Moni account
  1. Next, Click on Moni Float, and join a cluster.
  1. After that, enter your cluster code if you have one; if you do not select the “no cluster code” option, one will be assigned to you.
  1. Next, submit your request to join a cluster.
  1. Once your cluster invitation is accepted, you can begin the loan application process


Moni Africa, unlike traditional banks, uses social trust to provide you with access to loans and insurance. It also gives you access to high-interest savings and allows you to insure your loans.

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