Pocket Vs Pocket Premium: Should You Upgrade Your Membership?

Pocket Vs Pocket Premium: Should You Upgrade Your Membership?

Many software platforms and apps run a freemium model of operation. Where there’s a free version of the app and users can upgrade to the premium version for a fee. Usually, the premium version comes with more features or access (as the case may be). Pocket also operates this model with its premium version.

In this post, we’ll take you through what pocket is and if upgrading your membership – to Premium – on the platform is worth it.

Pocket premium

What Does Pocket Do?

Pocket is an app or web service that lets you manage a list of articles and videos that you’re interested in, from the internet. With Pocket, you can save articles and videos for later. Especially if you’re not available to read or watch them at that moment. Sometimes, you might have read or watched, but plan to do it again. Pocket is useful in this regard.

Pocket was formerly named Read It Later and it first launched as a browser extension.

Features of Pocket Premium

Pocket has a premium membership plan. Let’s walk you through what the additional benefits are if you upgrade to a paid plan.

1. Article saved is permanent: On Pocket Premium, everything you save is permanent. This means that even if an article or video you save is taken down, you will still have access to it in Pocket. If you’re on the paid plan, that is.

2. No Ads: You know those annoying ads you see when you’re reading, or about to watch a video, or listen to a podcast? Well, you shall see them no more if you upgrade to the paid plan on Pocket. This makes sure distractions are minimized.

3. Premium search: With Pocket Premium, you get to search through your list of articles, videos to get what you need at that point. You can search by keyword, topic, author, tag, and more.

4. Unlimited idea highlighting: You get to highlight stuff in your articles unlimitedly with the paid plan.

5. Custom reading experience: With this premium plan, you can customize your reading experience. Maybe you want prettier fonts, wider spacing, and so on. All you need to do is upgrade.

How Much is Pocket Premium?

If you want a premium monthly membership, the price is $4.99 per month. However, if you prefer an annual membership, you get to save 25% by paying $44.99 per year.

Is Pocket Premium Worth it?

Now to the big question, should you consider a Pocket Premium membership?

From where I stand, and with the features highlighted above, the paid membership plan on Pocket is totally worth it. 

The fact that you have lifetime access to your saved stuff is a great one for users. Not to talk of having an ad-free reading environment. For activities that need to be focused like reading, no one needs to be overly distracted by seeing various forms of marketing ads. The goal of reading will not be achieved this way.

Hence, for us, Pocket Premium is worth it.

(Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section).

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