Primark vs Boohoo

Primark vs Boohoo – Which Is A Better Fashion Plug?

Do you enjoy the convenience of shopping online? Primark and Boohoo are two fashion brands catering to these preferences. Both are fast fashion retailers renowned for their trendy clothing, accessories, and beauty products. While Primark has many physical stores, Boohoo operates entirely online. Read on to discover more about these two fashion retailers.

About Primark vs Boohoo

Primark is an Irish multinational company with numerous physical stores around the globe. Its headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland. Primark offers a wide range of unisex clothing and accessories in-store.

Primark categories

Boohoo, on the other hand, is a web-based fast fashion brand headquartered in Manchester City, UK. It sells stylish clothing and accessories that cater to the fashion needs of young adults and teenagers.

Boohoo categories of products

Which Is Better Between Primark vs Boohoo?

Product categories

Primark offers a variety of fashion, beauty, and home products. These include different types of clothing for men, women, and children. You can also buy furniture, lighting, and bedding from Primark.

In contrast, Boohoo exclusively offers fashionable items and beauty products. The clothing ranges from active wear, work wear, casual, and leisure wear. Accessories like jewelry, bags, and hats are also available. If you’re a lady looking for beauty products online, Boohoo has many listings of haircare and skincare products.


Primark offers low prices compared to Boohoo. On Primark’s website, you can buy an item for as low as $6.

Boohoo’s products are not so expensive, either. The brand keeps its price even lower by giving discounts frequently.

Products quality

Primark products last only a short time, as many of them are of poor quality. On the contrary, Boohoo sells some good quality items.

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Shipping and returns

Primark does not have an online marketplace. Hence, it does not offer shipping or delivery services. Nonetheless, they operate a website where you can browse and find products that are available in-store. Regarding returns, Primark allows returns or exchange of items within 28 days of purchase. Be aware that products are only returnable and eligible for a refund if they are in a saleable condition. You must also be able to provide each unwanted item’s original receipt.

Boohoo, on the other hand, ships to different countries. The time and cost of delivery vary depending on your preferred shipping option.

The available shipping options on Boohoo are standard, express, and next-day delivery. Standard shipping costs $9.99, and delivery takes 5 to 8 days. Express shipping takes up to 3 days for $14.99, while next-day delivery costs $5.99. Interestingly, Boohoo offers free delivery for orders worth over $50.

Boohoo also allows you to return unwanted items and get a refund. However, you must return them within 28 days of purchase. The item must be unused and be returned with the original receipt.

It takes about 14 days to get a refund from Boohoo, subject to a return fee deduction.

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Customer service

Primark has a customer support number you can call if you have any complaints. You can also email them or fill out their contact form.

Boohoo also has a fantastic customer service system. You can contact them for assistance through Other ways to access them are through Apple messages, Facebook, and Twitter.

Pros and Cons of Primark vs Boohoo

Primark operates only physical stores, which might be discouraging if you live to shop online. However, Boohoo is an online-only store, so you can order available item(s) regardless of location.

Besides, Primark does not offer a shipping service, but Boohoo does. Its products also don’t last long compared to Boohoo’s.


Primark and Boohoo both offer a variety of clothing and other products. Boohoo items are ideal for young adults, so there are more stylish and trendy fashionable items available with better quality.

If you prefer classy and unique styles, then Boohoo is a suitable option for you.

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