How to Return Shein Items- A Complete Guide

How to Return Shein Items- A Complete Guide

Did you just receive your order from Shein, but they don’t seem to fit or look different from the one you saw in the picture? Then, consider returning the item to give you a feeling of satisfaction since the item wasn’t as expected.

Shein is a global online fashion retailer renowned for its offering of stylish and premium clothing, accessories, and other fashion products for kids, men, and women. Even though Shein has a vast selection of unique fashion products, there are times when you may need to return ordered items. These could be because they don’t fit properly, have a defect, or do not meet your expectations. No matter why you want to return an item to Shein, this blog post will walk you through the procedures.

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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Return Shein Items

Here are the steps in making an item return to Shein.

  • Reach out to Shein’s customer Support via its website. From there, you can tell why you are requesting to return the item, providing details on the affected item(s).
  • Afterward, you will receive instructions on how to make a successful return if your reason is acceptable.
  • Visit the nearest post office to drop off the item in its original packaging, meeting all other requirements.
  • Wait for your refund of the item’s original cost in your Shein wallet within 5 business days after Shein receives the package.

Shein Return Policy: What You Should Know

To return an item bought from Shein mobile app or website, you must meet the applicable terms and conditions, as noted below.

  • Items must be in their original packaging.
  • The item must be unworn.
  • You must return the item through a local post office.
  • Ensure removing no tag on the clothing.
  • The item’s delivery should not have passed 30 days.

What’s Shein Return Window?

Shein has a return window policy like every other retailer and does not accept returns beyond this period. Hence, you have only 30 days from the purchase date to return an item. Within this period, the item must have left your custody via postal service.

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How Much Does It Cost to Return on Shein?

The cost of returning a Shein item is typically free. However, it may involve an additional expense of a few bucks. As such, you won’t pay any fee for your first return on every order. Other items you intend to return in the same order will incur a $7.99 shipping fee. Therefore, your best bet is to return all items at the same time to avoid further costs on shipping the items back to Shein.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund?

Shein will make a refund for returning an item within 5 business days of receiving the package. Of course, you will receive a confirmation email from Shein after initiating the refund. The refund is payable only to your Shein wallet except if you ask for its payment to your payment account. Besides, you can use refunds made to your wallet to make further purchases or quickly transfer them to your payment account.

Be aware that the initial fees paid for shipping and handling are non-refundable. If you don’t receive your refund as of when due, contact Shein’s customer support within 90 days of the order placement date.

Do I Get a Free Return on Each Order or Only My First Return?

On Shein, you can only get a free return on your first return within the same order, regardless of if your unwanted items are one or multiple. Thus, you will pay no shipping fees to return one or more items at once per order.

Can I Cancel My Return on Shein?

Yes, you can cancel your request to return an item ordered from Shein if you discover that the item is still manageable. To do this, contact Shein customer service through its official website and sign in to your account using your mobile number/email address and password. Their customer service team would be more than happy to assist with your request.

Is There Anything I Can’t Return?

Yes. While Shein accepts returns on most items, a few categories are ineligible for returns after purchase. Such items include jewelry, underwear, bodysuits, lingerie, Do-It-Yourself supplies, event & party supplies, and pet supplies & accessories (except mermaid blankets, bags, and scarves). On the other hand, Shein does not accept returns of cosmetic products, especially if you have tampered with their hygiene seal.

Can I Wear Items and Still Return Them?

No, wearing or using an item before its return does not correspond with Shein’s return policy. The company only accepts returns of items that are in new condition. That means you must not wear any item you realize you will likely return, to say nothing of removing its tags or washing it. If you believe you can wear an item without notice, you can take the risk but know that it could make your returns unacceptable.

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Returning items ordered from Shein should be a hassle-free process for you, regardless of if you made your order via the website or mobile app. With this guide, you’ll find it easy to return your orders, provided you meet the requirements to make such requests. Remember, the most essential part is making a quick request and processing your return before the deadline.

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