Risevest vs Bamboo: Top Mobile Investment Platforms

Risevest vs Bamboo: Top Mobile Investment Platforms

There has been rapid growth experienced in the Nigerian financial system over the years and people are becoming more and more financially literate by the day, and with this literacy comes a knowledge of what we should do to become financially free.

Why Do I Need Investment Apps Like Risevest vs Bamboo?

Everyone knows that they can invest and  earn profit from it, but the truth is that not everyone can or wants to go through the stress of visiting the Nigerian stock exchange office to;

  • get a form, 
  • fill the form, 
  • go to the bank, 
  • And deposit the capital.

Alternatively, you could go to a broker to handle the whole procedure but nothing beats doing all these on your phone.

Risevest vs Bamboo, the platforms we’ll be discussing today, take these processes, simplify them, and present them to you in a few steps from the comfort of your mobile device.

You can now research investment opportunities from around the world simply by using one of these apps.

Overview Bamboo | IOS | Android 

Bamboo was co-founded by Richmond Bassey and Yanmo Omorogbe in late 2019 to early 2020. The purpose of establishing Bamboo was to make investing in international companies easy and accessible for Nigerians. 

You can invest with as low as $20 on Bamboo in a quick, and flexible registration process. Whether you are an iPhone or Android user you have access to more than 3000 stocks on the app. 

This gives Nigerians the leverage to invest in high-profile foreign companies talking about the likes of Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, etc. Your financial details are displayed on your profile page. You can make necessary adjustments to your account and other profile information on this page.

Another feature worth noting is that you can sell on this platform as well as buy. Bamboo also provides standard market prices for the stocks available on its platform. This means you are getting the best price from the stock market.

Stock Market Trends and News

Bamboo provides investors with access to stock market information. This will help you understand how to choose the best investment paths and make sound trading decisions.

While this will give you a better understanding of the stock market, it is recommended that you conduct additional research outside of the app.

If you notice a particular stock trend and want to keep tabs on it to know the right time to buy or just to monitor the stock, you can create a watchlist on the app to do that. This gives them easy access to stocks they might be having a hunch about.

One other amazing feature on this platform is the news feed. This gives the investors quick data insight into the financial market. And it will easy their research as they will be more direct in their approach. Imagine a scenario where you as an expert trader wants to gift stock to someone who is not knowledgeable on the stock market the platform has a feature that allows you to gift stocks to other.

Risevest Investment App

This is one of the leading investment platforms in Nigeria. It was created in 2019 and has gained traction in the Nigerian financial market. 

Despite being in the midst of fierce competition, a major upside to using Risevest is that you can invest with as little as $10.

Risevest is available for your Android and iOS device. Funding your wallet on Risevest is also seamless. You can fund your wallet via bank transfers, direct account debit, or your card.

Also, whenever you refer someone to the app, they get $5 to invest. Of course, Risevest has many investment options such as bonds, stocks, real estate, and others.

This gives you a wide range to test your expertise. Also, you can define your investment’s length. Users with little or no experience in this field are covered on Risevest.  

You can be confident that you are making the best investment possible with the assistance of experts on Risevest.

Also, as stated earlier you can do this with as little as 5$ meaning, you must not be financially comfortable to make money comfortably (at this point I feel like adding a cool face emoji). 

Investment Clubs and Fund Managers

There is also a free investment management club where professionals and experts in this field share their knowledge and experience to help guide you on your financial journey and it is FREE. 

The interface also gives users access to their free investment management club, where finance professionals and other club members exchange helpful advice on how to earn the best returns on their investments.

The incorporation of an algorithm that filters through the portfolios of leading fund managers in the United States is another intriguing feature that makes the app a top pick for consumers. Every quarter, the company’s filter checks the stock holdings of the finest fund managers in the United States.

It identifies the new stocks that the majority of these fund managers will be adding to their portfolios in the coming quarter. The higher a stock ranks on the list, the more money managers are adding to it, because it suggests a lot of investors and market analysts think these are solid and recommendable investments.

FAQS on Risevest vs Bamboo Investment

Can I Buy US Stocks in Nigeria With Bamboo and Risevest?

Yes, both platforms have made it possible for Nigerians to buy stocks, and bonds from the United States and other countries with strict investment policies, normally you would have to travel to such a country to make such a transaction, but thanks to technology you can now do so with your smartphone. 

Can I invest in Real Estate with Bamboo or Risevest?

While it remains unclear whether or not you can invest in real estate on the Bamboo app, this is because nothing is mentioned about it on their official website,  Risevest offers you this opportunity as one of their major catch. You might not be able to own a house right now, but you can own a certain percentage for a price.  

Bottom Line: Bamboo vs Risevest?

Even though they both came about in the same period in 2019, Risevest has a more user-friendly approach. 

This isn’t just about the user interface or experience; Risevest gives you a more comprehensive guide to financial freedom compared to Bamboo. We all invest because of financial freedom, so Risevest has the upper hand.

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