Save, Insure, and Build Wealth with Tangerine Africa

Save, Insure, and Build Wealth with Tangerine Africa

Tangerine Africa is a financial institution that provides innovative insurance and banking solutions. It offers life insurance, home, retirement, device, and travel insurance.

You can also build and grow your wealth while protecting what is important to you with Tangerine Money.

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What Can I Protect with Tangerine Africa?

Health Insurance

Tangerine provides you and your loved ones with access to affordable and high-quality healthcare. The health insurance isn’t limited to walk-in appointments, you also get covered for emergency treatments.

Life insurance

The Tangarine life insurance protects your loved ones if you are unable to work due to illness, disability, or death.


Creating a Tangarine pension plan allows you to prepare for retirement, while you’re still in service. The plan helps you to save and invest a percentage of your income regularly until you retire, and it places you on a payment plan when you do.

General Insurance

This insurance covers almost every aspect of your life, including auto insurance, which protects you from financial loss if your car is stolen or involved in an accident.  It also provides travel insurance, which covers lost luggage and other unexpected situations when traveling.

Tangerine also offers you device insurance, protecting your devices such as phones and laptops in the case of accident, damage, or theft. You can also protect your home from fire, flood, and other damages with the home insurance plan. 

Tangerine Banking (Payments, Loans, and Savings)

Tangerine banking enables you to make fast and secure transactions as well as access low-interest loans. You can save and earn high returns with the savings feature.

How to Create an Insurance Plan with Tangerine

Here is how to create an account with Tangerine:

1. Go to the Tangerine homepage, click on get started or download the app.

2. After that, select the cover you would like and proceed to create an account.

3. Enter your phone number and tick the ‘I agree to Tangerine’s Terms and conditions’ box’. 

4. Following that, you’ll receive an activation code to confirm your phone number.

5. Next, complete your personal profile.

6. After that, enter your email address and create a strong password.

7. Finally, create a passcode.


Tangerine Africa is a reliable insurance platform that takes care of all that matters to you. This platform protects your future against emergency occurrences and losses, it also secures and grows your wealth.

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