SEMRush vs SpyFu

SEMrush vs SpyFu: Which Analysis Tool Works Better?

With the rate of intense competition, keyword research has never been as useful as now. Digital marketing is the norm. The need for SEO for online businesses is undefeated. Two of the current most excellent SEO tools are up for a showdown; SEMrush vs SpyFu.

These tools can disclose unique insights your competitor uses.  You are probably curious about what tool to use. Look no further as this article will make a fair comparison on both.

Throughout the article, there’ll be an emphasis on their keyword research, features, pricing model, and competitor analysis.  Let us do a quick bit of introduction before moving into comparison.

SEMRush and SpyFu

The creators of SEMrush, Oleg Shchegolev, who is currently the CEO, and Dmitry Melnikov, who is presently the COO, started SEMRush in 2008 to make equal chances for all by causing online competition to be just and transparent. With about 20 billion keywords coupled with 818 million domains in 142 geodatabases, their mission is a reality as they are a top brand with a wide-ranging set of tools.

Mike Roberts started SpyFu in 2006. He has the philosophy of putting the customer at heart while creating a product. His view on search marketing has transformed the way businesses run their strategies in PPC and SEO. SpyFu lives up to its name of spying on competitor’s tactics and analytics so users can derive insights.

Let’s get down to the comparison. 

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SEMRush Vs SpyFu Comparison

Keyword Research

SEMrush is an innovator in keyword research. The number of tools it possesses assists you in recognizing keywords straightforwardly and gain insights about them. SEMrush has a keyword Manager and an Organic Traffic insight that is very useful for users.

SpyFu has a handy feature because you do not need too many keywords to get started. A solo keyword is sufficient to get you underway to see many data you can apply. Another feature that stands out is that it has Expected Monthly Organic Clicks. A Major tool SpyFu has that is important for users is Keyword Grouping Tool.

SEMRush vs SpyFu


In comparing SEMRush vs SpyFu, There will be a list of the products’ features.

SEMRush has several features such as:

  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Dashboard
  • Auditing
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Localization
  • Mobile Keywords
  • Link Management
  • Content Management

While for SpyFu, the features it has includes:

  • Competitors Analysis
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Research Tools

Pricing Model

In making further steps in the SEMrush vs SpyFu comparison, this article will make you see the pricing model critically.

The method for pricing in SEMrush is:

  • Pro which is $119.95 per month, and it is perfect for start-ups
  • Guru, which is at $229.95 per month and will be best suitable for SMBs and marketing agencies to use.
  • The Business plan is the highest at $449.95 per month and ideal for large businesses.

However, you can get a 7-days free trial before using a SEMrush Pro plan, just as many businesses also do.

SEMRush vs SpyFu

For SpyFu, the pricing model is different. The pricing structure for SpyFu is:

  • Free, and you are entitled to an unlimited search with ten search results following.
  • Basic will cost you $39 per month. For this, the search results are unlimited, and you get 5k weekly tracked keyword rankings.
  • Finally, we have the professional, which goes for $78 per month. It offers you 15k weekly tracked keyword rankings and custom branded reports.

Competitor Analysis

The final SEmrush vs Spyfu comparison is how they fare about their competitive analysis.

For SEMRush, your competitor’s main page, their previous and current backlink, and their main keyword is what you get for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will also get to see all your competitor’s previous and current ad campaigns and the keywords they use, plus the length of time they use the keywords. 

The way SpyFu helps you keep checks on your competitors is by using features such as

  • Ad competitors
  • SEO competitive analysis
  • Shared organic Keywords (Kombat)

SpyFu does things such as:

  • Checking whether your competitor’s top keywords is an organic SEO or Google Ads.
  • It helps you assess your nearby competitors just by typing your domain name.
  • You get to see your competitor’s past and present Ads.
  • You get to see how much your competitors are spending on ads.
  • You get a see an account of the way your competitors rank coupled with their backlinks.

Final Decision: Which Analysis Tool Do I Use?

In making a verdict in the SEMrush vs SpyFu comparison, it will be wrong to pick one over the other. The reason is that when you need a full-fledged SEO tool, SEMrush is the best to use. But if your needs are more focused on your competitors’ analysis, and then it will be best to go for SpyFu. All these can be subjected to the pricing model anyways if you so wish.

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